Bitcoin Rewards App Reacts to Alibaba’s Collaboration Denial

Bitcoin Rewards App ‘Lolli’ has rejected Alibaba’s denial of partnership. As per Lolli’s CEO Alex Adelman, Lolli had partnered up with Alibaba in May this year through AliExpress. He claims:

We’ve been partnered with Alibaba Group since May through AliExpress. We have driven AliExpress significant revenue and distributed bitcoin rewards to our users.

The claimed affiliate partnership was based on enabling the shoppers of Alibaba to earn 5% back on Bitcoin on Single’s Day. Alibaba, a Chinese company, has always been avoiding the use of Bitcoin due to the Chinese government’s anti-Bitcoin attitude and subsequently denied any such partnership. Another alleged claim on Alibaba’s strong reaction is that due to the Single’s Day marketing getting a little too popular, some channels might have started thinking that Alibaba has started accepting Bitcoin.

Adelman further said that this step of Alibaba was unfair and has defamed Lolli while they did nothing wrong and followed all the points mentioned in the contract. He stated:

Alibaba.com trialed our services for 24 hours and decided to deactivate the partnership without cause — breaking its contract […] The agency representing Alibaba.com approved a contractual agreement on behalf of Alibaba.com that included the promotion of Alibaba.com, the use of its brand, email marketing, and sharing on social media and various channels. There was no malintent on our end to misrepresent Alibaba.

While keeping all the doors open for future partnerships, Adelman concluded by saying that although there was a miscommunication on Alibaba’s end, they look forward to the possibility of working with Alibaba.com in the years to come.

The stance of Alibaba on Bitcoin has clearly been exhibited in the past. In October, the vision of Alibaba was clearly depicted and understood. In the announcement, ‘Alipay’, Alibaba’s digital payment arm, reconfirmed its negative approach towards Bitcoin. Strict action on their part was announced in which all transactions identified as connected to Bitcoin will be banned. Alipay stated:

If any transactions are identified as being related to bitcoin or other virtual currencies, @Alipay immediately stops the relevant payment services

Such an announcement shall certainly prove to be detrimental to the image of ‘Lolli’. However, chances of reconciliation and future partnerships involving Bitcoin, between the two companies, seem to be bleak. Unless the Chinese government takes a stance that encourages acceptance of Bitcoin in China, it is somehow evident that Alibaba will abstain from getting involved in the trade involving this cryptocurrency.

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