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Alibaba & Bitcoin Rewards App Lolli – A Partnership Denied

The Chinese e-commerce giant, Alibaba seems to have landed itself in an awkward situation with the Bitcoin (BTC) rewards shopping app, Lolli, as the former denied any partnership between the two companies, while the latter had previously boasted about their partnership.

The Alibaba group has time and time again publicly shared its aversion from any and all the elements of the crypto ecosystem. Understandably because of China’s strict no crypto policy, the conglomerate wouldn’t want to stir any trouble in its home base. Which is why the platform is always quick to denounce any rumors or claims linking it with the cryptoverse.

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On November 11, which is popularly known and widely celebrated as Single’s Day, the rewards shopping app Lolli announced its partnership with Alibaba, enabling the shoppers to earn 5% back in Bitcoin.

This is a milestone partnership for Lolli as Alibaba is the largest retailer and e-commerce company in the world, launching on Single’s Day, the world’s largest shopping day of the year. Our partnership allows our users to earn free bitcoin on millions of products online every day.

Shared the CEO and Co-founder of Lolli, Alex Adelman in the official blog post. However, subsequently, Alibaba was quick, as always, to deny any such partnership with the app. A representative of the platform reportedly shared that Lolli  “never had the right to claim a partnership with or imply one with Alibaba Group.” This undoubtedly came off as a rather strong response, most likely to ward off any further rumors that might’ve morphed into something implying that Alibaba had started accepting Bitcoin.

Regardless of the reasons behind the rejected partnership, Lolli didn’t back down and maintained its stance of being in a partnership with the Alibaba group. According to reports Adelman refuted the platform’s denial of partnership with Lolli in an email, which read:

We’ve been partnered with Alibaba Group since May through AliExpress. We have driven AliExpress significant revenue and distributed bitcoin rewards to our users.

The rewards app claimed it to be unfair, as both the parties had mutually agreed to launch this partnership in conjunction with Singles’ Day. Adelman further revealed that the agency representing the had approved a contractual agreement on behalf of the platform.

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He shared as he called out the platform for dishonoring the contract and defaming their brand even though they abided by everything that was contractually agreed upon with them. Despite the unfortunate “misunderstanding” or “miscommunication”, Adelman concluded that there was no bad blood between the two.

We look forward to the possibility of working with again in the future.

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