Bitcoin Love-Guru: Ways To Make Her Fall In Love With You Again This Valentines

The cryptomarket has been stuck in the bear market but one of the most important days is here. Time to pull yourself out of this sad ordeal and get happy because LOVE IS IN THE AIR.

And time to make your girlfriend even happier because we know they look on her face when you gift her something this Valentines will surely bring you immense joy. Whip out your bitcoins and let’s go shopping!

Cook her a romantic meal

Do you know what is even more sweeter than taking her to some fancy restaurant? Making her, her favorite meal all by yourself. Setting up the place and surprising her with an in-house candlelight dinner where there is no one but just of you.

Use your gift cards and buy your groceries from Whole Foods. You can even call her mother to get yourself some extra points if you’d like.

Go a little fancy

Fancy is similar to Etsy so you can get your hands on various shirts, mugs, and knickknacks. If you don’t want to gift her one thing then buy multiple small cute things and prepare a themed basket maybe? Get your ideas from Pinterest but spend your bitcoins at Fancy.

(Girls, you can even get cute stuff for your boo too!)

The Perfect Fit

All girls have grown up with the tale of Cinderella and how that one shoe changed her life. Well, this might be true for your girlfriend too. Maybe this one pair of shoes is all that she was looking for.

Make her fairytale come true by finding her, her version of glass slippers on Shuwish. You can even get her a handbag from here to go with it. Would Cinderella have denied if she had gotten one? Absolutely not!

Wrap her in your warmth

Wrap her in your love and warmth by getting her a pashmina that will keep her nice and warm. This simple yet elegant piece of clothing is a staple for women in Pakistan. It has cultural value and makes it an exotic piece. Head to MyPashmina to get yours now!

Diamonds are girls best friend

And, especially on Valentines Day. Wine, chocolates, flowers, and jewelry is what Valentines isn’t complete without. Plus, if you are looking to make a big statement, or not, then nothing makes a woman happy than any piece of jewelry, diamonds are just a bonus. Jens Hansen and Reed’s Jewelry are two places that accept cryptocurrency.

Who’s your cryptocurrency valentine?


Soha Ali

As vanilla as it sounds, a filmmaker in the making. Soha brings the irony out of the crypto world by contributing to the Unfiltered section of BlockPublisher. Contact the editor at editor.unfiltered@blockpublisher.com

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  1. Thank you for mentioning Mypashmina.

    Did you notice that we have a Bitcoin design cashmere scarf available ? it is totally unique in the world.

    Just Google “bitcoin mypashmina scarf” and it will come up. You are more than welcome to use any images from our site 🙂

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