Beware Of This Risky Crypto Disclaimer

Are you also telling people about crypto with “but I’m no financial adviser,” like i am?

It has been a funny year and crypto do not seem to be getting any better. But ICO’s and investor faith and new games on the Blockchain are on the rise. Blockchain based dating apps, not one plenty. Blockchain based crypto-collectibles, not one but plenty and skyrocketing, Blockchain based decentralised publication houses, plenty, Blockchain based tech solutions – Gazillions, the list can not end. If unlimited was a number, it would be right for blockchain applications. One technology = unlimited uses.

All of this advancement later, we are still wondering if cryptos are the way to go. We still have shady Vloggers tell us that cryptos are scamming people and giving us misconstrued logic to suit to their faulty click bait. All of this advancement and people buying cryptokitties for over $140,000, and we still doubt whether cryptos are real.

All of this land in Decentraland’s Genesis City that is sold out, and we still wonder if crypto assets are assets.

All of this proof and we are still in doubt. I was not any good in playing Connect-the-dots anyway. Yeah even when i try to explain the concept and i am all excited, and my voice is squeaky pitched, i do think in the back of my mind that ‘please do not invest all your saving into cryptos, you are an old man who should save some for very rainy days ahead,’ i can not help it. But come to think of it then i will think of this contingency either way, when i am investing anywhere. The problem with investment for decades has been that it is freak-saking risky.

But risk and scam are not the same. Just because a currency may drop too much over night does not mean that the currency has no logical or legal premises. Here’s the thing: Stocks fall over night, bonds fall over night, people fall over night. (Okay maybe too much.)

But, shit happens. Does not mean that it was some bad shit, it just means that hey, its a bad patch and oops you lost, try letting go?

The problem with telling baby boomers and the silent generation that please buy cryptos is that, they might not live to see it bloom, or even if they do, they might have lost more inflation, the concept is hot right now, the currencies are a different story. It is a lot more complex than it looks right now, but so is love.

Then another problem is that people have a hard time letting go. Yes people have made a lot of crypto-fortunes in no time, but it is still too young and too nubile to say anything. So, maybe the disclaimer can be tailored as per need, and kept for a little more time, until things take a more stable and comfortable shape. You know it is important to be a little too well familiar, before we get playin’ dirty with it, right?

Khunsha Javed

A Filmmaker, PR enthusiast & Editor of BlockPublisher-Unfiltered. I like things that make my brain tingle. Email: khunsha@blockpublisher.com or editor.unfiltered@blockpublisher.com

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