The Life of The Bitcoin Millionaire Twins!

The story of the Winklevoss Twins, Cameron Winklevoss and Tyler Winklevoss is a story worth a movie script.

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There journey to become the first Bitcoin billionaires have been rather bitter-sweet.  After the release of the movie “The Social Network” in 2010 and their $65 million settlement from Facebook brought them into the limelight.

But, this is not all to the Bitcoin billionaires. Their lives are full of more interesting adventures and hobbies.

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Here are some facts about the Winklevoss Twins we bet you didn’t know!

Website Design Business

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The twins had been lucky enough to be brought up in an emotionally healthy environment which had been of great significance on their journey to success. The twins were born in 1981, in the city which never sleeps; New York. They were lucky enough to have a father figure in their lives. The twin’s father was an actuarial science professor at Wharton School.

They were in the elitist Greenwich Country Day School, before they finished their high school from Brunswick school. At the age of 13, both the twins began designing business websites just from their bedroom. They began to earn hundreds of dollars for every site. But, soon they found themselves juggling between work and school life. Therefore, they decided to give up on this venture to concentrate on their schools.

Champions At The Olympics

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They began on the journey of becoming angel investors and capital fund managers via an Olympic rowing adventure. The summer of 1999 was the beginning of their rowing adventures. Both the twins were also a part of the Harvard University team and won the Harvard-Yale Regatta in 2004. Their biggest achievement was when they were placed on the 6th position in the Olympic Games. These twins are not all brains after all. They are talented as hell!


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Their time at Harvard and Oxford University were the years when they stepped into internet entrepreneurship. The turning point for the twins was in 2002, when they were asked by Gao to closely work with Mark Zuckerberg. All three of these men worked together and it eventually headed towards the development of the social media website Facebook by Mark Zuckerberg. The ending wasn’t a happily ever after though. It ended with a settlement of $65 million which was in the favor of the twins in the February of 2008. $45 million was in stock and $20 million was in cash! A fair deal we’ll say.

Bitcoin Millionaire A Happily Ever After

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In 2012, their entrepreneur journey became extremely fascinating because this was the year when they founded their very own capital investment company by the name Winklevoss Capital Management with an interest in capital companies for guidance, asset class and infrastructure.

On the other had they invested the millions of dollars from the Facebook settlement and smartly bought 10,000 Bitcoins. 2015 marked their ultimate arrival in the crypto-verse when they launched the Gemini exchange for trading Bitcoin. Their crypto-exchange is second after Coinbase.

The life of the Winklevoss Twins has been full of good surprises and success as they tread into the multi-million dollar industry of cryptocurrency! Don’t you think the twins have been lucky in so many ways? But, their brains and determinations got them where they are today!

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