“At This Time, Scalability is not an Issue”, Says Founder and CEO of the Platform ODEM

Scalability has remained to be one the pressing issues associated with the blockchain world since its inception. While the current financial frameworks like VISA handle several thousands of transaction per second, cryptos like bitcoin and ethereum etc. aren’t able to do to so. As the adoption of cryptos grows more and more with people using them to carry out everyday activities, scalability might prove to be a bottleneck in the long run.

BlockPublisher recently got in contact with the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of the blockchain-based project ODEM, Richard Maaghul. ODEM is establishing a global fabric of operation using the technology of blockchain for teachers and students across the world with aims at making education more easily accessible. If the usage of the platform rises above the expectations of the team behind the project, the issue of scalability might arise. Talking to BlockPublisher Richard explained why is it not a concern for the project right now.

Talking about the issue of scalability and ODEM platform, Richard said:

At this time, scalability is not an issue. We have developed and implemented a unique process that includes the ODEM cloud, which acts as the interface and decoder for both the IPFS, where it’s manages the heavy digital contents and the ODEM Blockchain where the identifiers of each transactions are stored.

Adding on to it, he said:

We will keep a watchful eye on the network activity. In the meantime, we are developing backup systems, so we can swiftly adjust if scalability becomes a issue as volume increases over time.

The entire world of blockchain is currently focused on devising a solution to this problem of scalability. If cryptos are to gain mainstream adoption, the need of the hour to provide frameworks which can handle large throughputs. Different solutions are being presented forward in the form of sharding, or parallel blockchains etc., but no concrete solution has been implemented and gained large-scale traction.

As for ODEM, scalability is not an issue yet. And as suggested by Richard, the platform is working on developing backup systems so that this issue is tackled efficiently, in case it arises in its ecosystem in the future.

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