“APIS Platform is Arranged With Various Information About Masternode”, Says CEO In An Exclusive Interview

APIS is one of the crypto projects floating around that aims to make the access of the crypto world easier for the users. Recently, BlockPublisher got in touch with Ronny Yoo, who is the Chief Executive Officer of the platform, to talk about different aspects related to the project. APIS is essentially a masternode platform and wants to make people aware of benefits that are associated with them.

Talking about the project’s main focus, Ronny stated:

APIS is committed to developing technologies that could help users to access cryptocurrency and Blockchain than to come up with spectacular or first kind of anything. We are focused on ‘accessibility’ and ‘conveniency’ and persue practicality, not splendor. We hope people would find Blockchain, a technology that would actually be a part of our lives more friendly with APIS ecosystem.

Although the crypto world is developing at a rapid rate, the access to cryptocurrencies and opportunities to use them as actual currencies in the real world still need to be improved. There aren’t much easily accessible pathways for a normal user to get their hands on cryptos. APIS’ focus is on providing people with accessibility and convenience regarding the world of blockchain and crypto, as suggested by Ronny.

Further talking about the target audience of the project, he stated:

APIS platform is arranged with various information about Masternode, to help users simply understand what Masternode/APIS is. Therefore, our target is an existing group of users who are lost without enough information about Masternode participation and those who are aware of it but got the needs for easier maintenance and administration.

Masternodes enjoy a lot of benefits in a blockchain network. Besides relaying transactions, masternodes also get rewards periodically. Without actively performing trades at exchanges and employing heavy duty mining equipment, masternodes can participate in the process of gaining rewards. APIS goal is to make the access and maintenance of these masternodes and gaining rewards through them easier for the normal crypto user.

Also, talking about the team being local or global, Ronny stated:

APIS is a global team based in Singapore. Our staffs have various nationalities as well so we can take actions to each country’s policies and situations faster than anyone else.

While different crypto projects are targeting to become the next bitcoin in the crypto arena, APIS has aimed the niche of masternodes in order to make people aware of other opportunities that are present in the crypto and blockchain arena.

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