CEO of APIS Elaborates the Platform’s Long-Term Vision

APIS is one of the crypto projects floating around in the crypto space right now. Among 2000+ other crypto projects that are listed on CoinMarketCap, how is APIS any different? In order to get to know about this, BlockPublisher got in touch with the platform itself. APIS is essentially a project of a company named Oxchild.

Talking about its long-term vision, the Chief Executive Officer of APIS Ronny Yoo stated:

“The vision of APIS is to <Lower the entry barriers to expand the base of blockchain and open the new era>. Based on this vision, we are currently committed to a project, APIS.

Cryptocurrency price movements are drastically fickle compared to all other traditional assets, and this volatility continues to provide a reasoning for organizations and individuals alike that cryptocurrency trading is not an investment, but speculation. But if investors could enjoy stable income through Masternodes much like how banks give out interest and this form of investment is diffused, such wrongful accusation would be lifted and we’d actually
get to stimulate more participation.”

APIS essentially aims at making the development and maintenance of masternodes in a blockchain network easier for a normal crypto user. Now, what is masternode?

Masternodes are servers in a blockchain network that relay transactions and in addition, perform some other specific functions. One thing that makes masternodes stand out from other nodes is getting rewards. Masternoding rewards are received by these nodes periodically. The amount of yield that is given to a masternode depends on the number of masternodes in the network and different coins employ different policies regarding their rewarding mechanisms.  Without getting actively involved in trading at exchanges or having expensive mining equipment in place, masternodes can obtain heavy rewards. Hence, masternodes carry an extra advantage in a blockchain-based network.

APIS is a ‘Masternode Platform’ and aims at familiarizing the users with the advantages and benefits associated with masternodes. It wants to make the entry into the masternode ecosystem easier for crypto users. In order to set up a masternode, the users need to lock in a specific amount of coins. Users can set up a server to host the node themselves or can delegate this task to a service provider. APIS essentially wants to make access to the masternodes more easier for the users in the cryptocurrency arena so that maximum benefits can be reaped out.

As we move forward in time, it is not very likely that all the crypto projects that are seen today will survive. Only those which provide viable solutions to different problems and give services that are not given by others efficiently are more likely to survive. “Survival of the fittest” rule will be applied to the crypto market as it saturates. APIS has wisely targeted a suitable niche of masternodes in the crypto arena to work upon. Its goal seems to be pretty clear and viable. Now from here on, it remains to be seen how things pan out for this project as more and more developments are made in the crypto world.

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