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Another E-Commerce Platform Partners Wanchain

NeoPlace is the new partner of Wanchain's ever growing network!

NeoPlace, a blockchain based e-commerce platform is the new partner of Wanchain, by leveraging the latter’s interoperability among different blockchains. A cooperation has already been signed between two parties as Wanchain will allow to run NeoPlace’s protocol on it. Members of NeoPlace will be able to use Wan for different transactions on the NeoPlace’s platform.

Talking to BlocKPublisher, Chinese expert in blockchain Li Wei said;

This partnership will prove to be beneficial for both parties since NeoPlace is the first ever mobile commerce platform running on blockchain and Wanchain’s cross chain capability will only help the sellers and consumers to transact with much greater ease.

Founded in 2017, NeoPlace is a blockchain based e-commerce platform that bring small sellers and consumers together by giving them a direct access to make a deal and using different cryptocurrencies to make payments. We’ve covered Wanchain partnering with other blockchains, but it can be said that decentralization is the solution of e-commerce to solve trust barrier between sellers and consumers.

Talking further on this partnership Wei added;

In e-commerce, trust is everything and Wanchain’s cross-chain smart contracts will prove to be pivotal in making a trustful and fool proof e-commerce ecosystem.

Wanchain aims to build a digital financial ecosystem by making asset management applications for organizations and people in general. Currently Wanchain 2.0 is doing cross-chain functionalities with Ethereum while Wanchain 3.0 will be available at the end of 2018 that will fulfill the same functionalities with bitcoin.

Talking about the interoperability among different blockchains Wei stated;

We’ve seen so many different blockchains that are actually solving real world problems but now is the time to build an ecosystem where different blockchains can also interact and leverage each other and partnerships like this will only help the cause.

Wanchain 2.0 is already proving to be monumental for different blockchains but many experts of the industry are already geared-up for Wanchain 3.0 that’ll enable cross-chain functionalities with bitcoin even though an official release date hasn’t been announced yet.

Hassaan Malik

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