Trust Wallet Announces Integration With Wanchain and VeChain

Ethereum and ERC20 mobile wallet platform and DApp browser, Trust – Ethereum Wallet have today announced of its amalgamation with leading public blockchain platforms Wanchain (WAN) and VeChain (VET). Trust wallet’s revealed that its app users will now have access to Wanchain and VeChain through its iOS and android applications which strengthens accessibility to crypto funds through the Trust Wallet platform.

Acquired by Binance, it comes as no surprise of Trust Wallet’s partnership with Wanchain, which is already listed on the Binance network. Binance obtained Trust Wallet in July this year to expand cryptocurrency services and Trust Wallet founder Viktor Radchenko is a part of the Binance team. Wanchain made the announcement of their integration with Trust Wallet that said:

Wanchain is thrilled to announce integration with Binance’s Trust Wallet.This integration will allow for a secure and intuitive mobile wallet for all Wanchain users.

While Trust Wallet made its announcement regarding acquisitions of Wanchain and VeChain together in a Twitter post that said:

Trust’s multicoin wallet adds support for VET, VHTO and WAN . Excited to welcome Vechain as the first staking coin on Trust! @vechainofficial and @wanchain_org great working with you guys

Trust Wallet is consistently looking to add integrate more blockchain platforms in its network base and is currently doing so on basis of demand made by its users. Talking to BlockPublisher, founder of Trust Wallet, Viktor Radchenko revealed that they are focused on partnering with more blockchains as per consumer demand. He said:

We currently focused on integrating blockchains of the demand of our users. It takes longer time to do it, since it’s a decentralized wallet.

On this particular partnering, however, CEO of leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance who also owns Trust Wallet, Chanpeng Zhao was equally pleased. He shared Trust Wallet’s announcement on his Twitter feed and added:

One of the best mobile wallet for your crypto, just got better! BUIDL!

Trust Wallet’s integration with the Wanchain and VeChain ecosystem is a great add-on for the development of the crypto space. Using Wanchain’s WanWallet, cross-chain transactions with Ethereum can be supported while also making the trading of Wanchain token simpler. In addition, acquiring services of VeChain as a public blockchain platform that focuses on supply chain management and smart contracts, Trust Wallet makes cryptos accessible for the market as a whole while making the trading process secure with its ERC-20 supported platform.

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