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A Crypto Exchange C-CEX Declares BitcoinZ Blockchain as Broken

BitcoinZ has found itself amidst quite a (recent) controversy and some rather disturbing blame game, the other side of which stands a cryptocurrency exchange, the C-CEX. BitcoinZ system was established over to the exchange only to end up being regarded as ‘broken’. A thing to remember here is that BitcoinZ has previously stated that their team is utterly diligent and that their product bears the potential to survive a crypto extinction massacre, whenever that turns up at the scene. The victim exchange has to say the following about the BTCZ blockchain.

BitcoinZ [BTCZ] blockchain is broken. Lot’s of old invalidated TX’s. BTCZ dev is not going to fix it. We have to remove BTCZ from exchange. No refunds possible because developer does not support it.

Though the exchange plays the victim in the situation, people turn their soft corner on, for the BTCZ as another trading platform, SafeCoin offers asylum to BTCZ network stating that the their platform can be the safe habitat for the Z crypto. Similar behaviour was displayed by crypto analysts putting the blame back on to the exchange that the exchange has been dormant for so much of a ‘productive’ time.

The BitcoinZ developers also plunged into the twitter row declaring that the exchange has been falsely accusing them of the broken system of theirs as they did not update their wallet insinuating that the massacre was the exchanges’s fault to begin with. The BitcoinZ blockchain is said to be a better version of the genesis Nakamoto’s bitcoin, offering other perks too, not featured in the original version. What the BitcoinZ has to say as a perfect counter cheered by the most is as follows,

BlockPublisher had a direct conversation with the BitcoinZ folks previously and the passion they gather in themselves is beyond comparison as they declare themselves among the best crypto that is to stay as far as we can imagine the future. The major feature BitcoinZ focuses on is decentralization which is the latest concept to diminish a single control over an entire system.

Right after the exchange, C-CEX went on putting the blame over the BitcoinZ blockchain, crypto enthusiasts started pouring in siding with the BTCZ developers hailing them as the righteous one and the exchange as the faulty one. Nevertheless, in such a delicate situation one cannot judge by previous records and statements and reach a conclusion unless both sides of the story is upfront.

As we edge towards the future, we have to cut these scams and faulty outcomes short as the institutions will have to no choice but to tear into the crypto system leading to an unrecoverable devaluation. Crypto fanatics regard the crypto platform to have ripened in its entirety to be dealt over the international marketplace but then there are these sort of unpleasant happenings which tend to not only keep crypto in the regulating authorities’ radar but also prone to be eventually dug out from its roots.

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