Your Greed is a Funny Thing

The Greeks left us some amazing texts, texts on logic, theater, art and science that still come in handy for anyone looking to expand our knowledge. It is a funny and abstractly random world that applauds people who look into liberal arts and yet demand people to get equipped and well read in departments of economics, business and commerce. It is a funny world because it demands people to learn how to be creative while they are taught how to think in the same old repetitive and enslaving ways.

It is a funny world where we try to randomize our biases and yet complain about the structural forces around us. Yes, i would buy me a branded sports good while turning a blind eye towards the child who snuck his note into my pair of shoes about the conditions of hie sweatshop back in the producing country the brand outsourced from.

Yes, i would still harp on and on about the people suffering in poor countries at the hands of their corrupt rulers and how they have no other way than to resort to the loan packages that IMF offers as their countries fall short of repaying and crumble under the heat of the global spending bubble. The whole world faces inflation but the country in my head faces a little more as inflation is more inflammable, hurts a little bit more when the country’s rulers fill their own pocket with the piling up international debt factor on each person’s head.

The world is a funny world because we have solution ready for us to implement and end the stupidest wars of all – the wars for scarce resources, have we ever seen a bigger oxymoron than this? I don’t think so. The world is a funny world because every single one of the problems that we have seen above can be resolved under a tiny alteration that a tech microscope can point will be pivotal, but the world will not so anything.

It is a funny world because even though we hear stories of how big giant companies and powerful people, rulers, organizations spread so much pain, so much hate, such big exploitation, in reality have yet such little influence or ability for making the world a sane place than a funny one. They are so ironically powerless to make the right decisions instead of the wrong and greedy ones. They make headlines for their disturbing behavior than a healing one. They spend millions on the damage control, crises management and they have big ass gigantic contingency funds when they should really just had to have made the right decisions that lead to sanity than plunder, that is all they could have done, or actually – should have.

We live in a funny world where blockchain technology is the key and it is clear but ain’t nobody got time to read about it because we are currently reading about greed and sending hate, who cares for changing the world after all?

Khunsha Javed

A Filmmaker, PR enthusiast & Editor of BlockPublisher-Unfiltered. I like things that make my brain tingle. Email: khunsha@blockpublisher.com or editor.unfiltered@blockpublisher.com

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