You Need To Know The 4 Absolute Ways to Get Bitcoin

The impact of Bitcoin has been mega! It’s everywhere you look. It’s the first ever digital currency of the modern era. The question is are you one of those who don’t have Bitcoins? Well, we don’t know what to say! You have to join the crypto-bandwagon now! Sooner or later you’ll have to because crypto has a bright future ahead. It’s not going anywhere and neither are you. So, get those coins rolling baby!

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But, wait a minute! If you don’t know how to get Bitcoins we can help you out! We’re happy to be at your service. We present you with the 4 absolute ways to get you Bitcoin.

Offer Your Goods and Services

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It’s self explanatory in itself no? This is one of the ways and it is one of the simplest ways actually. You offer your services and goods in exchange for Bitcoins. Just like how it works in the world. You get paid for your services or good in fiat currency by the people. It’s exactly the same with Bitcoin. No complications!

All you have to do is determine the price in BTC to make the exchange and you’re good to go! Whoever the buyer is, you will get sent the amount in your wallet and when you receive it you will be asked to provide the service or goods.

Make A Purchase

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Another way to get some Bitcoin is by making a purchase via the Bitcoin exchange. There are undoubtedly many different websites available that allow this to happen. On these websites you can look for people who are willing to sell their Bitcoin. Although, it does require you to link your bank account to the exchange website to make the purchases you desire. But, it worth it!

There are also exchanges that make it possible for you to buy Bitcoin using other methods of payments for example PayPal. But, there is a catch! Additional fees is charged when using alternative payment methods. So, the best take would be to save your money and link your bank account. No one wants to pay that extra fee right? We wouldn’t either. Happy purchasing!

Hand to Hand

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This method isn’t that anonymous and private actually. That’s the only problem with it. For this very reason people try to use other ways. It’s rather a bit inconvenient and seems silly! But, the option is always available if nothing else works out. All you have to do is find a person near you, who is willing to sell some BTC and willing to take cash in return.

It’s a more risky method because hand to hand money transfer is involved. Our advice would be to avoid this method as much as you can. You don’t want to risk it!


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What the hell is mining? Don’t worry we’ll explain it to ya! It’s actually the most preferred and appealing way to get Bitcoin. It’s a process via which transactions on the network of Bitcoin are stored and validated on the blockchain ledger. The ledger is responsible for keeping all the records of the transactions. The ledger doesn’t let get anything out of anyone’s sight!

It’s the most trusted thing ever in the network. Trust, something the modern era is losing by the minute in the state. But, that’s a talk for another day. Let’s not get distracted!

Basically the term is used to describe the processing and confirmation of the BTC payments. A specific hardware has been designed and developed which makes the calculations for the verification of the transactions. It’s much more efficient and optimal than the standard computer systems. Whenever a blockchain is solved, a reward in the form of Bitcoin is given to the solving machine. This is how the constant flow of Bitcoin is ensured on the Bitcoin network.

So were these of any help? Which one is your favourite method? Let us know below in the comments! Cheers!

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