You Might Not Like K-Pop But You Gotta Adore This Korean Actor

K-pop was big and huge at one point but the hype has died down, at least millennial’s don’t enjoy it as much anymore. Maybe because we are becoming boring. But the point is don’t steer away from this article just because it says K-Pop because we have someone who is doing a great job and they deserve recognition.

A popular South Korean actor and businessman Bae Yong-joon has invested an undisclosed sum in blockchain-based seafood trade startup Seamon.

Celebrities have a thing about keeping their investment hush-hush, don’t know why really but all what the actor had to say was that it is “a meaningful amount” worth “more than tens of millions” of South Korean won.

He has long been interested in food businesses particularly seafood. The head Simon asked Bae to be the adviser but instead he decided to invest in it.

Seamon is a developing blockchain-based seafood transaction and smart contract system. The project is dedicated to make global seafood transactions “as transparent as possible, reduce unnecessary expenses, and achieve the faster and safer international transactions.”

Seafood is rapidly going scarce as we have done enough damage to our seas so much so that seafood has become a luxury. Apart from humans destructive behavior, we have to bear in mind the freshness when it comes to seafood. So it is vital to put it on a blockchain because this project aims to address problems regarding international trade in marine products such as defaulting on payments, or delay in payments. This helps the food from going to waste as you will be able to do something about it on time. Plus the freshness can be verified.

The Seamon team is also working towards making a Seamon coin, which will be used in payments and as a store of value. The white paper further indicates that they are trying to build an exchange for it as well by the name of SeamonX for seafood.

Users can purchase Seamon coins from SeamonX and exchange them for products, making payments in real time. Whereas the exporters can exchange the token for fiat currency like the US dollar or some other stablecoin tether.

You can find Seamon coin on the BCEX exchange under the ticker symbol SMEX, Lee told CoinDesk Korea.

This news marks Bae’s first known investment in a blockchain startup. K-Pop might be shitty – for some – but hey at least the workers are doing something good. We are just kidding but we hope more influencers can realize what they can do and help other industries as well.


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