You Can’t Miss Out On These Top 5 Crypto And Blockchain Films

Feature films about blockchain and cryptocurrencies? We must be kidding right? Well, wrong because there are definitely more than 5 awesome movies on our favourite subject.

But we’ll just list out our top 5 for now;

Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain (2018)
Source; Globe Newswire

The latest movie on this list, the plot chronicles problems that will inevitably arise as the use of blockchain and cryptos becomes the norm. The story is set a mere decade into the future and crypto tech has advanced beyond our wildest dreams. Multiple exchanges have come into being to support and help the world’s fasted growing industry but with great power comes even greater responsibility. A great watch if you love all things crypto!

 Deep Web (2015)
Source; JustWatch

This documentary is based on the inherently deeper and darker part of the internet and is narrated by Keanu Reeves, which is definitely a bonus for everyone.  The plot follows stories about the Silk Road and it’s then unknown creator, Dread Pirate Roberts who ran the first unofficial Bitcoin marketplace.  However, that all changed when the authorities could no longer ignore this massive illegal platform and even shows audiences the complete arrest and sentencing of 29 year old Ross William Ulbricht who was then found as the official founder.

The rise and rise of bitcoin (2014)
Source; Inside Bitcoins

Notably the oldest and biggest movie production centered around Bitcoin that we could find, The rise and rise of Bitcoin has become something of a classic in the cryptoverse. It features the stories of the early bitcoin adopters such as Gavin Andresen who not only invested in the crypto, but is also famed to have been in direct contact with Nakamoto in the early days.

Magic Money: The Bitcoin Revolution (2017)
Source; YouTube

If you like many people have trouble understanding the complexities of the blockchain world or really want to open up a discussion around the topic with your kids, this is the movie for the job! The Bitcoin Revolution deals with the simple questions like what Bitcoin is and what are it’s applications.

Banking on Bitcoin (2016)
Source; NewsBTC

A similar watch to the Rise and Rise of Bitcoin but definitely has more action and drama in our opinion. The cases and stories are also more prolific and include the story of Bitinstant creator, Charlie
Shrem who was convicted of trying to launder a million dollars through the  Silk Road.

As a dialogue in the movie says, “Early adopters make the roads that we all travel. The first guy through the door gets shot. But somebody’s gotta go through the door.”


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