You Can Wave Goodbye to Passwords With REMME

The people of the 21st century have digital lives and by that I mean that most of us share pretty much everything online, except for a few “paranoid weirdos” who think that putting everything out there is unsafe. Well you might want to start believing that paranoia because the digital world is in fact very susceptible cyber attacks. Hackmageddon shows that 2017 alone had 950 cyber attacks, and mind you these are just the ones that were reported. What is worrisome is that cyber attacks are more than just hacking, they actually include, cyber espionage, cybercrime, and cyber warfare as well.

And while we might think that the big guns of the industry are immune to these kinds of attacks, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. The fact is that majority of the industries around the globe are dependent upon the Internet. During last year only, the WannaCry malware was taking over the digital world, which affected major corporations globally. Such high statistics are proof of the fact that the online world is far from safe.

However, the blockchain technology might change that unsafe reality, with its innovative authentication system, REMME. This blockchain-powered platform believes that the reason behind most of the security breaches is the human factor. We protect everything via passwords, but the thing with passwords is that they might be too easy to guess. Or some forgetful people jot them down somewhere and thus can be found, other than that; people also tend to leave their browsers open on public computers. The point is there is something inherently wrong with the way we protect our systems.

What the REMME technology does is it practically tosses away passwords, thus making them obsolete in order to make the authentication process free of the human factor.

How Does REMME Works?

How is REMME planning to do that you ask? Well, it is aiming to switch the current, centralized password database and an authentication server, by assigning a unique SSL/TLS certificate to each device. And since these certificates will be accommodated on a blockchain, they will automatically be virtually impenetrable. This will also validate the certificates without the interference of a conventional certification authority.

Moreover, REMME enables companies to produce their own self-aligned certificates and also gives them the revocation authority over those certificates.

First of a private key is created, which is basically a random number. For which, each certificate that is created requires some personal info from the user, it could be there email address or even contact number. After this the blockchain server checks the information provided, thus creating the private key.

There are certain points that really boost the security of REMME. Like the local generation of certificates, followed by an installation onto the local machines that interact with the company’s blockchain via private keys. Owing to the private keys, all of the stored information is in an encrypted form.

In addition to that, REMME makes use of the 2-factor authentication; it basically sends a secret token through different messaging apps such as Telegram, Facebook Messenger, and WeChat, and doesn’t a sending a token via SMS as the messaging apps tend to be securer than the simple SMS.

Uses of REMME

Crypto Exchanges

REMME is working with several Bitcoin exchanges in order to provide them with a protected authorization platform that will significantly improve security and ward off most cyberattacks.

Car Networks

Since today’s cars are all digitally connected to a centralized authority, they are prone to being hacked as well. The REMME technology has the potential to offer a secure channel for Internet connection, in car networks.

Medical Tech & Care

REMME can provide a safe access to medical records by creating a framework for secure user authentication from different locations with simple 2FA.

The REMME Team

Source: https://remme.io/about-us

You can read the project’s documentation here. 

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