You Can Now Send Bitcoin (BTC) Tips on Twitter Via the Lightning Network

Ever since the crypto scene took off, several of the popular social media platforms have shown interest towards it. The social media giant, Facebook, has already made some headlines in crypto related news, and now Twitter is stepping in the crypto world.

Bitcoin (BTC) is officially coming to Twitter! According to the announcement on Saturday, the beta app Tippin has launched a new Chrome Extension that is available for the Google browser users.

The way it works is, over Twitter, app users can send Bitcoin payments through the Lightning network. This way the app makes Bitcoin transactions quite feasible, that too at a large scale for the first time. Once you enable the extension, you’ll notice that a little lightning symbol pops up right next to the very familiar “like” and “retweet” symbols.

The fundamental idea behind this whole thing actually sits on top off an old Bitcoin idea; small payments are one of Bitcoin’s key selling points. In fact there used to be a Bitcoin app, pretty similar in concept called Change Tip and before it died down back in 2016, it was actually a rather popular way to send payments over social media.

Tippin engineer, Sergio Abril, is of the opinion that tipping will prove to be extremely popular with the lightning network because it will enable people to send small amounts at a cost that is negligible, that too incredibly fast. Moreover, you don’t need to be a crypto wiz for any of this. It’s super user friendly. All you need to do is have a Twitter account and install Tippin in order to receive tips.

Tippin is hoping to capitalize on the combined power of crypto and Twitter users in order to drive growth. However, Tippin still has room for further development and Abril does have it in mind to expand the app in near future, which would include support on other social media platforms as well.

Lets see how that pans out in the future. But for now, if you feel a little too much love for a tweet, and you feel that liking it isn’t enough, then feel free to send in some Bitcoins as tokens of appreciation. For further updates, stay tuned to BlockPublisher.

Abeer Anwaar

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