You Can Make Your Own Cryptocurrency!

We can undoubtedly say, personalized cryptocurrency can be the most comprehensive use of the blockchain technology up till now! Lets just see how it all really works and plays out for humankind.

Tokenization is the Man Behind the Wheel

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Basically, tokenization is the driving force behind all the many many blockchain startups. Which has made it possible to digitize any asset. That’s exactly how a Russian crypto entrepreneur and enthusiast is pushing the idea of digitization by tokenizing himself with a personalized crypto. We’ll say that’s genius!

The name of this genius is, Boris Akimov and he’s the man behind the LavkaLavka platform. It’s a farming cooperative that functions as a loyalty program. It rewards the users for supporting the local farmers with a native crypto. It’s not a surprise that the network has 200 family farms from across Russia including an online store. That’s truly progress!

How Did He Do It?

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He made use of the Wave Platform. Huh? What the hell is that, right? Don’t worry we are here to explain it all for you. It’s a platform which allows its users to very easily and quickly create personalized crypto tokens. Even you can do it yourself! Akimov’s new doesn’t offer any loyalty discounts. It basically functions as a direct tokenization of Akimov’s time and his expertise. We hope you’re with us so far and didn’t get lost in the details!

Personalized Crypto A New Trend?

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The concept displayed using the Waves Platform is quite interesting. Isn’t it? Even though there isn’t a functional difference between the use of Waves token to bill for his expertise and time; and using fiat currency as the end product. But, its innovative as hell!

We think its a really innovative and amusing application of the blockchain technology, especially because it personalized. We have no doubts that in the future we will see much more of these things happening. Maybe even more mind blowing use cases of the blockchain technology

Will a Personalized Crypto Be Successful?

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Self-tokenization to us seems a bit far-fetched. But, there is a possibility of a use case in which it makes a lot of sense. A case where we harken back to the earliest times of trade in the human civilization. It would make sense if the human race makes it beyond the hemisphere of the Earth! It might seem we are just messing with you. But, if you come to think of its true!

Think Big and Even Bigger!

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Self-tokenization maybe not possible here on Earth. But, we can think about the futire that might be possible on other planets. After all the human race is planning to make it to Mars! If money would have no value there. We really hope it doesn’t. Imagine if time and skills are the only tradeable items than a barter economy based on the blockchain technology could really work! We wish it could have been the same on Earth! Don’t you wish the same?? We’ve got you thinking, haven’t we?

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