Blockchain Let’s You Live Forever!

Us humans have are curious beings. We have always been curious about this or that. One of those things is the possibility to live forever! Eternal life has always attracted great attention from all cultures around the world. Who isn’t you know? We all are as well!

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At nCent (a decentralized protocol for incentive markets), they believe that  blockchain driven networks could be the step needed to satisfy the primal desire of human for immortality. The question is, how can transmitting of an electronic token through an invisible network can help overcoming their own mortality??????

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Psychology has shown that considering one’s own mortality leads to a search for one’s meaning of their own life, which is often found in resolution by connecting with others. Helping others in a way that leaves a mark on the future generations is often the path people divert towards. This is why people desire to connect with the future in a number of ways and it’s totally normal. Rather its proven to be psychologically healthy for the human mind! Leaving heirlooms and keepsakes are common practices, you know.

The blockchain could provide a wonderful opportunity to connect with the future generations. Here’s how:

Personalized Items

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People can create electronic tokens that could contain messages, videos and photos that could be passed on to the future generations. Blockchains are immutable and that’s why all these personal items will remains safe throughout history. The token can also be encrypted so they ae made available to the people who have been selected in advance. It’s more practical, no? The chances of the blockchain surviving are more than a photo or a journal which will physically decay over the time.

Connecting With Grandparents

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Great great grandchildren will be able to hear and see their great grandparents through electronic tokens. No one will have to rely or pay for services that will help you find your generational ties in the past. They could get to know them by accessing the tokens their families left behind for them all in good faith. How cool that would be? We wish we had something like that, honestly.

Learning From History

It’s a different thing to read about history and what was life in the past. It’s a completely different experience to watch and hear you’re great great grandparents. Learning from history is important otherwise it’s just bound to repeat itself. This personal and experiential way of learning is much more fulfilling and far more likely to be internalized and remembered. Although, we are not saying traditional methods are not good as well, they still remain important.

tv land yes GIF by YoungerTVIn history or what we know of it anyway. Cultures have found ways to pass on the memory of their experiences and time on earth for the future generations. Blockchain can help in continuing this important human tradition. This way we can all be truly immortal!

Mortality is inevitable. But, blockchain can help people to connect with the future generations. Do you agree?

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