Yo! I am Getting Personal: No Means Freaking No!

I was just mindlessly wondering about which issues to address next in my posts at Unfiltered, which have been getting a little too carried away with the idea of blockchain and cryptos. I was thinking about all the things that i have worked on so far. And it hit me, that one sharp phrase that i read once during research. Those words that created an aneurysm in my silly, tiny, little head.

The line laid in a poorly crafted comment on a shady blockchain chat forum. It was put down with such mediocrity that i could barely understand what it said. But, once i did, i could not undo it.

LegalFling is a blockchain based startup that deals with the idea of consent. Seeking sexual consent and making it a huge deal is the immediate and foremost step towards ending the global rape culture. The forum talked about the practicality of the startup, some thought they were being funny writing things insulting the #Metoo Campaign, some thought their ideas were progressive, among a plethora of a well ranged list of remarks.

The loudest comment said something that meant: ‘Why waste blockchain on preventing rape.’ This stung every cell inside of my body, so much so that i couldn’t think for a few minutes.

No, this is not because of my liberal arts education, not because of a social overload of a specific ‘ism’ that is nothing short of a buzzword. This was not because of a highly frustrated brain that tries to indulge into more liberating activities than reading disgusting reviews of closed and fungus-packed mindsets of renaissance-deprived, naively patriarchal and shamelessly blunt mouthpieces of the archaic times and abandoned history pages.

It was because of a whole different perspective, that of a humane human being. What a nerve, i thought.

Blockchain makers may be using the #Metoo movement to make profits over it, they may be capitalizing on a social movement, pk, lets not mystify it. They may be ‘using’ it to launch a product that support its while returning to them some benefits of effective business strategy and foresight.

But, LegalFling does not in anyway infringe someone’s right. It does not Deny a person their right to be protected. It does not promote violence of a scale that leaves all the efforts than humanity has done to preserve humanity undone.

It does quite the opposite, they are the good guys. Doesn’t seem much like wasting, right? Or, is it? It should not be a contestable subject at all. And it is not. But, the cognition behind the reservations has to be broken down and understood.

On one hand we have got a state of the art technology – blockchain based system that is promising to change the way individuals have sex forever, in the age of Pride and #Metoo, this is nothing less than a gift from nature for removing the mystification around sex; And on the other hand is the voice of the remnants of phobic, age-old creatures of the dark that suck up on the nuances served to feed the demonic lust of patriarchy.

Oh, freaking damn right i mean it. And i wouldn’t take no garbage for a snap back, how dare anybody.

I would use an app that helps me hold my rights up to guard myself. I would enter my consent to my app! I do not understand anybody who would not. No, sex is not supposed to be so magical that you can not do what keeps you safe first. So, if swiping is what it takes to eradicate such sick twisted jokes, then i am all in. Anybody in their rightly raised minds would be.

And yes, i would rather make this world a better place then remain silent and ignore a disgusting idea i found on a shady chat forum online. Would you?

Khunsha Javed

A Filmmaker, PR enthusiast & Editor of BlockPublisher-Unfiltered. I like things that make my brain tingle. Email: khunsha@blockpublisher.com or editor.unfiltered@blockpublisher.com

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