Yes, Illuminati Created Cryptos for Loot and Plunder

What can we say, each brainstorming sessions brings to us a new revelation. We were wondering what a general audience of a mixed age group of people from different backgrounds think of cryptocurrency. So we asked them.

The results shocked us. They think it’s a means of plunder and toppling the world order for the Illuminati. So we thought, why not extend the light to everybody who might be interested.

Oh, yes, we have better jobs than to talk about this over exaggerated, straumanned and somewhat mystical concept of Illuminati. We are better than this. But, the issue had to be taken care of.

Wait stop! Who?

Alright fellas, let’s get this straight. A group of economically affluent people is called the Illuminati. No they do no have a third eye. No religious inclination. NO AGENDA. No mystical traits. No big plans for world domination. Only high levels of excitement and bright ideas for greatness, self actualization and business expansion, IF AT ALL. What this really means that normal human beings who aspire to do great things fall under this category. It is a secret society, but only misrepresented and mocked. It is like a school debate club or society. Or an economic alliance between the leaders of various industries. Anybody can join, ideas would be welcomed right. But, no genocides, no murders and certainly no silencing and toppling the world.

1800+ cryptos all owned by them? Not humanly possible. Logically speaking if crypto is to target the whole world then all cryptos must be in. Whether this happens through a big mighty hack or a magic spell is also a loophole in the argument.

Conspiracy, Conspiracy, why, oh why?

Conspiracy has it, cryptos were created so that every transaction is moved to cryptocurrencies and then being the only possible way of economic workings, the crypto owners A.K.A Illuminati can turn the game over and screw over every economic system. How this happens is a big question mark, Because, Obviously, there is no logical basis for this idea and it can be as absurd and baseless as conspiracies go.

As we know it, cryptos were created after the 2008 financial crash, fact. The need came up because things were all over the place, finances relied on fiat currencies and governments and politics and sometimes the mood of the citizens in the economies. These pesky things needed to be put in place by bringing in a n alternative system. So yes, like people thought that the television was to cripple economies that the Illuminati did not like, Cars were a means of punishing earth and mobile phones were to crush life on earth by disturbing the ecosystem and starting by killing birds. This is as true.

So who owns crypto?

The miners. Not the makers or owners. The miners. The people who help calculate big numbers and fill in large gaps of information that helps verify and make things legit on the system. The miners get a right to vote in the bigger decisions that go on in the coin, not administrative but big policy and strategy-based decisions.

The network is decentralized. This means no one owner, everybody owns it, everybody runs it. It is a democracy. And no, really hardworking and intelligent miners investing in blood and sweat can not be fooled. Not by big crazy communities or associations that may or may not exist. And, not by world toppling powers.

People love a saucy story telling them lies, feeding them gossip. What a waste of time, for all this time you could have been reading a really cool article on how to create your own crytpo coin. But, you chose Illuminati instead. Ick.

Khunsha Javed

A Filmmaker, PR enthusiast & Editor of BlockPublisher-Unfiltered. I like things that make my brain tingle. Email: khunsha@blockpublisher.com or editor.unfiltered@blockpublisher.com

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