World’s First Accredited Blockchain Training Program Announced as the Official Education Partner of Crypto Invest Summit

Kingsland School of Blockchain, world’s first accredited blockchain technical training program that provides certifications to developers having expertise in blockchain development, has been announced as the official partner of Crypto Invest Summit being held in Los Angeles from October 22 – 24. The Crypto Invest Summit attracts some of the world’s leading innovators, change-makers and leaders from the field of blockchain to discuss and innovate opportunities and challenges the field presents today. The first and foremost which Kingsland caters to; lack of skilled blockchain and dApp developers.

As blockchain is widely getting adopted among the masses, the areas which require growth in the industry are rapidly increasing as well. One of them is the lack of good blockchain developers in the industry. Josef Holm of Los Angeles Blockchain Week lays emphasis on the fact that there is a lack of skilled blockchain developers which is taking a toll on the new projects being developed incorporating this technology. The growth has indeed been exponential and there is an imminent need of qualified blockchain developers. He said,

Finding skilled blockchain developers is extremely problematic for anyone in the crypto/blockchain space.

This is where Kingsland University – School of Blockchain comes in. They provide highly effective technical blockchain training courses. Kingsland School provides all the features that need to be incorporated in a school that teaches a course on the rapidly evolving and volatile subject that is blockchain. The educators, equipped with the latest knowledge and changing trend, provide a platform which assimilates industry alignment and flexible curriculum development processes to educate the developers, so the blockchain ecosystem does not suffer anymore due to lack of skilled devs. Alon Goren, the founder of GVH and co-founder of Crypto Summit said,

The cryptotechnology space holds enormous promise; but it cannot be realized without anyone to build the technology of tomorrow.

The official blog post by Kingsland School of Blockchain can be found here.

Hassaan Malik

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