Word of Caution: Is it a big fat Scam?

It’s all a scam! Is it really? Yes, there have been a few dark moments in the crypto-world. But, doesn’t mean we label the entire industry as a scam. Let’s take a look back in history, isn’t this true for almost every industry in the world?

You don’t have to be negligent, just spend some of your precious time on learning and becoming a part of the revolution! Time to itch all those preconceived notions about cryptocurrency. If you get smart, you’ll play smart! So, steer clear of all the scams we bring to you and you’ll be rolling in cryptocurrency in no time!

Avoid all the Fake ICOs

Just like you avoid all the two-faced people in your life. You better avoid all the fake ICOs, they are easy to fabricate and takes some cool promising hype to persuade people to buy them. Probably, because cryptocurrency such as Ethereum have been successful in the past. So, people take a leap of faith and invest in them. But, its not about faith here people! Be smart!

Beware of the Shady Exchanges

Exchanges that pop out of the blue and start bragging. It’s a warning sign! Be careful with such types of exchanges because once you are foolish enough to deposit your coins. The chances of you getting them back are nil, because the intentions of that exchange are always fishy!

Fraudulent Wallets

The launch of Bitcoin has been great! But, the sad part in this story? Fake android wallets have popped up in the play store. So, don’t just close your eyes and pick any wallet from the play store. Don’t say we didn’t warn you! The chances of the wallet being fake, are 100%. Promise! You don’t want to end up losing your money, right?


Oh, it’s one of the most sophisticated scams of all! This cypto-scam involves fake profiles on Twitter and Facebook to impersonate the official legitimate projects or people behind it. It’s an easy scam and even easier to fall for it. So, don’t just go follow any account on social media. You might just find yourself hit rock bottom, if you make ill-advised investment choices.

Phishing Scams

In the cryptosphere, there are also very common. Remember, when people tell you to not give your personal details on the internet to just any website? You might want to jog your memory and recall this very useful piece of advice. As, all the money-hungry scammers try to get your personal information such as the username, seed keys and passwords by making a complete fool out of you. Just so you know, Fake Airdrops is the most common method to trick you. They trick you and your money is their crispy treat!

Some honest advice: SELF-EDUCATE PEOPLE!

Scams have been everywhere, literally! Better to trust legitimate sources of information and learn the good/dirty deets of the crypto-world.

Maira Zaheer

I love to write and channel my feelings into words. I'd like to quote my favorite author and poet. Who has taught me every word matters. “let me live, love, and say it well in good sentences” - Sylvia Plath. I'm here to fill your lives with some crypto-gossip. Contact the editor at editor.unfiltered@blockpublisher.com

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