Women In Control Of Blockchain?

Today, we’re going to look into how the blockchain world has yet again has been a source of realization for the women in the world. What we really mean is, the blockchain and the crypto industry is booming as rapid fire. But, when we come real close we see something we really hoped it would’ve been a bit different.

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The blockhain and crypto industry has been no different when it comes to the representation of women. It is even widely acknowledged that the workplace especially the tech sector is rife with unconscious bias against women as well as other minorities. If you’re thinking what are we talking about and things have changed more than ever before. Are you really sure? Maybe everyone needs to look at the world through all new pair of glasses! The truth is gender inequality is still very persistent and real!

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Sure, there have been many initiatives to break the glass ceiling and it has been an exciting aand galvanizing force. However, the pace rate of the change necessary in gender equality has come at a halt and is being stalled. Let’s enlighten you with a recent fact from the World Economic Forum; according to which the pay gap is widening and at the current rate it will take 217 years until we finally achieve gender parity. Something to think about, no?

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Unfortunately, the blockchain and crypto industry are facing similar nuiances. It all starts at the beginning, fewer women than men are involved and hired at the entry level. Which is why, at every important step the representation of women declines. It’s what happening in the blockchain world, less women are involved. The blockchain will only smell of testosterone and that’s what we’re truly afraid of.

What Needs to Be Done?

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Real action is required from academic, business and policy making circles to stop this cycle by actively in investing and seeking championing leaders, founders and talent who are actually from under-represented groups. The good news is, its not a talk in the air! If you haven’t already heard about The Collective Future, its a global group of leaders in the cryptocurrency and blockchain sectors formed in 2018 at the Inaugural Women in Blockchain Summit.

The Mission?

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The Collective Future’s mission is to foster diversity in the developing sectors of the blockchain technology and cryptocurreny. In order to nurture the next generation of leaders who are developing and realizing the full social and economic potential of blockchain technology.
Time to Make a Pledge!
As we said before, its not a talk in the air! The Collective Future has initiated the “The Blockchain Inclusive Diversity (BID) pledge. The initial signatories are leaders reoresenting a cross section of investment, legal, corporate and technical experise around the world.

What the Pledge is All About?

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The pledge intends to harness significant social and marketplace momentum, and to deploy it into the real action that will not only open new market and business opportunities. But, will create a positive global social impact. The pledge has a list of things the it aims to conquer and fulfill. You can sign the petition you’re really interested to be a part of this awesome initiative we believe is necessary. Click Here.

We think the pledge is an important step towards building more diverse and inclsuive workplaces. If we all consciously encourage the representation of people from all faces of earth and measure the progress, it is only then this technology will fulfill the potential it holds of the democratization of financial inclusion, services and accessible education for all.

So, will you sign the petition and help make a significant difference in the blockchain world? If you want to sign the potential or already have. Let us know in the comments section!

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