Women in Blockchain: Top 3 Bitcoin Myths Busted!

The crypto world is largely fintech and unfortunately is not much different than other STEM sectors. This brand new field comes equipped with large gender gaps and despite of the fact that women are rising to the forefront and making big names for themselves. Since Bitcoin has just started gaining the mainstream momentum, now is the best time for women to make a mark.

Though, women have been playing a significant role in the blockchain world, there are a few myths regarding them. Here are the top three and the most used and abused ones.

Myth no. #1: Women are just not interested in the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

This lazy and lousy excuse can be heard from the mouths of many men. And for them,  the proof exists in the data. Though, according to Google Analytics data, as of June 2018, 91 percent of the people in the blockchain industry were men.

However, this gender imbalance doesn’t pave the way for this lousy excuse. There are many women who are passionate about cryptocurrency and the number is just increasing everyday.

To name a few, Dr. Aisha bint Butti bint Bishr is the director of Smart Dubai project which plans to implement blockchain technology in the public sector of the emirate by next year. This can be linked to the fact that there around 37-57 percent of the women opting for STEM subjects in Arab countries. This number is way higher as compared to the West. If women are encouraged in educational fields, they will feel at home in leadership and directorial positions. Hence, the problem lies within the culture and the environment, not the gender.

Myth no. #2: There are no women in top position in blockhain

Your ignorance can’t be a fact, Mr. Misogynist. As a matter of truth, there are plenty of women disrupting the crypto space. Below are some of them:

Elizabeth Stark

A blockchain architect and an innovator, Ms. Stark is a Harvard graduate and the co-founder of Lightning Labs. The woman doesn’t come in slow; she has knack for building tools to layer new capabilities and transaction channels on top of the basic blockchain technology.

Rachel Wolfson

The name is as strong as the woman we have right here. Wolfson is a staff writer for Bitcoin Magazine and a regular contributor of Forbes. She writes about women in blockchain. She is rooting for all of you.

Amber Baldet

A board member of ZcashFoundation, Ms. Baldet was the blockchain executive at J.P. Morgan who led the blockchain project to create the blockchain version of Ethereum that could be used in banks. She even cofounded Clovyr as well.

Honestly, the list goes on… You can read more about women in leadership roles in the blockchain world here.

Myth no. #2: The companies are not women-friendly.

We agree that the figures are low but so is your knowledge regarding women in the blockchain space. There are number organizations that are dedicated to supporting women in blockchain.

Companies like Women in Blockchain, Crypto Chicks, Global Women in Blockchain are few examples of women-friendly crypto spaces. To read up on them, click here.

Notable women are contributing to shape this upcoming industry. These women prove that though the odds are against them and the disparity is high, they still are the powerhouses for you to take inspiration from.


Soha Ali

As vanilla as it sounds, a filmmaker in the making. Soha brings the irony out of the crypto world by contributing to the Unfiltered section of BlockPublisher. Contact the editor at editor.unfiltered@blockpublisher.com

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