With Kickback You Can Get Ethereum For Attending Events

With applications of blockchain and cryptocurrency increasing with every passing day, this particular startup does raise a few eyebrows.

Kickback is an England-based event management system that offers incentives in the form of cryptocurrency, Ethereum, to people who RSVP to an event. Kickback can provide the extra motivation to these people to be among the attendees by requiring them to submit a small amount of Ethereum when they RSVP, which they can easily claim back their sum when they show up at the event. Unfortunately for the no-shows, their paid amount gets distributed among the attendees or is given to charity. Their Ethereum might also be used for organizing an event in the future.

The brain behind Kickback is Makoto Inoue, the organizer of London Ethereum Codeup, where he initially came up with the idea of incentivizing people for attending events. Makoto stated,

Our mission goes beyond offering an event ticketing system with depositing. We have the flexibility to explore different ways of pricing tickets depending on the attendee’s contribution to the community. There’s a whole lot of innovation we can bring to the space, and we’re here to help your communities help each other.

This unique platform can provide benefits for the organizers, the sponsors and the participants alike. Sometimes an event can entertain a limited amount of people and in the event where the tickets run out and the people who RSVP’d to be there become no-show, the event can become very boring. Keeping a track of the headcount while planning an event can be quite an arduous task. Many people, even if they RSVP, do not show up on the event, which can be a disaster.

Kickback can help ensure greater turn out rates for the event by letting only those people RSVP who are genuinely committed to attending the event. In addition, this can help fill your spots to capacity and let only the right audience participate. In an event like this, one can hope to make connections with people having similar interests as well. And for a large number of no-shows, the very fortunate people in attending can earn a few coins in Ethereum.

Hassaan Malik

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