Will TRON Live Up to the Hype? Listing at CoinEX Going Live Tomorrow

It is clearly evident that the Tron team is working hard to ensure TRX climbs up the ranks in value and ultimately market capitalization. Tron has dominated the crypto-media, with news on new platform developments and speculations on a possible investment from Alibaba founder and former Tron CEO’s Boss, Jack Ma, and the list goes on.

Tron’s team has just officially announced another listing, this time by CoinEx, in the trading pairs TRX/BCH and TRX/BTC. The dates and timeline for actual trading to begin. However, the deposits and trading activities will commence from June 6th at 11.00 am [GMT+8] when the trading pairs are listed.

The CoinEx platform core team assemble from the world’s best internet and financial companies which supports multiple languages and global trading services in almost 100 regions. This new listing was intended to showcase TRX’s potential for growth. This has not been the case as Tron’s MainNet launch did not live up to the expectations, despite the intense media campaign by Tron.

The MainNet set Tron apart from ERC20 tokens, to generate a surge and hiking trends in TRX prices. However, it turned out to be a reversed consequence. Tron has had a sharp downfall of 74% since its all-time high. Speculation is that the Tron network has a bug despite the team’s adamancy for its network being bug-free. In response, they have rolled out a bug bounty program guaranteeing the bug reporter $10 million as a reward. Tron will also host coordinated hackathons to ensure the MainNet’s security to sustain the network’s future credibility.

Justin Sun, Tron CEO, and Founder, alongside the Tron Foundation have committed to making a relentless effort to get new listings for TRX in addition to TRX’s listing on Indodax. At the moment, Tron has the Indodax deposits and trading activities due today and the day after respectively.

Even though Tron’s MainNet launch did not live up to the expectations the current market analysis indicates that TRX is responding positively to the general uptrend in the crypto-market. At the time of writing, Tron was valued at $0.059, a 4.1% dip in the last 24 hours. Many of TRX holders and fans had been worried that TRX would not recover from the slight drop in value during the MainNet launch. Nonetheless, things seem to be looking up for the token.

TRX performance is not that surprising as the market, in general, has taken a toll with the overall market cap dipping to $344.6 billion and most of the coins bearing a negative ride. As exchanges like CoinEx and Indodax, based in different continents and regions of the world, continue to add TRX to their platforms, after the MainNet launch, with time this scenario will be reversed.

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