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Will Crypto Trading Increase in the Future?

The cryptocurrency world erupted out on the global scene after the global economic recession of 2008. Although the volumes of crypto trading were on the relatively lower side in the beginning, the past couple of years have proved to be quite beneficial for this world. The magical bull run of 2017 has highlighted many benefits one can get from crypto trading. But along with these, negative aspects have also emerged out. While some people gained profits during December of 2017, many people lost a large amount of money in the following months after that. Crypto trading has become too risky for people. The bear run of cryptos has continued on for over a year now. Things are not looking good for cryptos as of now. So will crypto trading increase in the future or not?

The crypto business is very volatile. Prices of crypto assets rise and fall with severe magnitudes in a matter of minutes. But with the economic frameworks breaking down across various countries like Zimbabwe, Iran, Venezuela etc., cryptocurrencies are gaining more and more attention. It was recently reported that the number of bitcoin transactions on the crypto trading platform LocalBitcoins in Venezuela increased to a record high as its economic system is facing troubles. This signals that crypto trading is likely expected to increase in the future if the current traditional economic systems face more troubles.

The major connotation of cryptos in the mainstream media is also largely negative. This is largely due to the fact that there aren’t many laws and regulation around in this space as it is very new. Negative elements have found their ways to sneak into this world. If crypto trading is to increase in the future, more crypto adoption is the key and adoption is something that is going to increase if the negative elements linked to this space are eliminated. Laws and regulation in this space can help in this regard ultimately increasing the volumes of crypto trading.

Crypto trading volumes are seemingly directly dependent on the core issues associated with the crypto world. As issues like manipulation, liquidity, custody, volatility are removed with security fabrics for investors put in place, it is expected that crypto trading volumes will likely increase. Unless developments are made, things seem to be too bleak for crypto trading in the current bear run.

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