Will Bitcoin Be Dethroned This Year? Quantum Physics And Astrology Certainly Thinks So!

We’ve all heard of using modern and reliable market forecasting tools such as economics and mathematics but how many of us thought that Astrology could also give us some of the most bizarre crypto predictions of all time? Well, in 2017, Astrologist and self proclaimed, “Scientific astrology school” graduate, Ekaterina Vasyanova made an earth shattering prediction for the future of Bitcoin.

To most people the patterns and signs of the stars are mere speculation and always will be, but to people like Vasyanova, they re as reliable and real as any other discipline.

So, what was this jaw breaking and market disrupting theory that miss Vasyanova made?

Well, she said, “The bitcoin price will fall after February 18, 2018 and a new cryptocurrency will emerge in late 2019 or early 2020 to take its place.”

Judging by the fact that a new crypto is launched more frequently than an astrology prediction has time to be proved, this would seem like a no brainer. Not to mention that Bitcoin’s price is an emotional and economic roller coaster which falls and rises all the time. However, Vasyanova had another trick up her sleeve which might just make things more objective and subsequently, more interesting.

She added quantum physics into the mix when she claims that she used both of these extremely different disciplines together and came up with her prediction on the annual cycles of the cryptocurrency. This cycle can be calculated by taking into account that Bitcoin.org was registered in August 2008. Surprisingly, the in depth article which explains the entire process has little to do with quantum physics. Coincidence?

On the other hand, call it being lucky or actual astrological wonders but there are several precitions she made that have already happened! For example, the study claimed that in the middle of 2018, Bitcoin “will become a part of the global financial system” or how she predicted that at the beginning of 2019, there will be the issue of market manipulation.

Call it magic?

Whatever, the truth, it is certain that Miss Vasyanova will have become something of a crypto celebrity if in two days the Bitcoin market plummets drastically and stays there. Until then, we can certainly hope it doesn’t!


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