Why Your Grandma Would And You Should Not Resist Crypto

Yes, we all have come across that one uncle or aunt who never welcomes new ideas. Never understands that change is good. Most people see change as an inevitable evil consequence that time impinges on humanity as a natural complication. But, hey, don’t we all know why change is so good!


Change is a lot more than breaking gods and crushing paradigms. It means new lifetsyles. New living standards. New philosophical and ideological realms. Change is growth. Growth has to be the only consistent mantra of human civilization. The only chant important and necessary for the human society.

Technology and change, nothing is more synonymous than that alright. As absurd as it sometimes gets, blockchain the future tech, the thing of our times and the times to come is the biggest and most complex change we are yet to witness. It is that big a breakthrough, and there is no denying it.

Information Communication Technology is the fastest growing industry in all corners of the globe. Even the ones that do not have food and water solutions. It has leapfrogged in the underdeveloped world. It has jumped generations worth of struggle, brought nations down right to virtual education, governance and virtual economies.

It is more than an industry. It is a catalyst. Within this accelerator that has immense technological and economic implications, lies a showstopper called Blockchain. Blockchain technology is as simple or as complicated as you would like to imagine. It is a cliffhanger in the contemporary world that focuses all its resources on improvement of the quality of life and better resource allocation. We can only imagine with closed eyes and blurry vision, what the future looks like. But, all that we imagine and dream is entirely possible with what we know of as Blockchain.

The technology itself is in its infancy. Too impressionable, too fragile. easy to break, good to look at. The industry needs gazillions of changes, refinements and revisions. The good and the bad apples will continue to juggle in and out of the system. The road is too long. And it all hangs upon a tiny shred of faith that the developers has. In a world of roasting and bashing, this is a lost sheep in the big city. With too little to start and too much to produce. The long road is lengthened by the looters and plunderers in the way, the scams or rather the scum of the industry. But, pests have their way right. It is too early for the crop to apply heavy and loaded pesticides to save the yield. The yield will only hamper if the farmer stick is too stiff right now. Regulators must lay low like we learn in our economics and business textbooks.

Those afraid of change – the Neophobics, have a longer road to go. Because, hate it or love it, you gotta be a part of it. Those in favor, must wait patiently for the tables to quickly move in favor of the technology and all promises it says it will endure. Businesses or people who refuse to be a part of it, will eventually go out of business, because nobody buys things that are redundant. People who do not train into it, people who avoid having to shift will be left behind. And, that too in a world where being carried ahead is all that matters.

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