Why We Need to Educate Youth About Blockchain

The world of computer science has been governed majorly by men. Female representation, however miniscule has been there, but is way less than than that of the opposite gender. Blockchain technology, the emerging field, has almost been around for about a decade now. Keeping that in mind, the number of females in the said field is very low. Women make up only for the 10% of the computer science graduates in United States. This is due to the fact that there significantly lesser opportunities for women in the field of blockchain and computer science as whole, and women are generally less motivated to participate.

Blockchain is a decentralized technology which creates an equal opportunities for not only the developers but to people from various educational backgrounds. It is not befitting that a field like this one should be dominated by men alone, because women are left behind due to the lack of encouragement and opportunities. Blockchain is relatively newer technology and without even the added discrimination, it is hard to come by experts in this fields.

Multiple organization have taken up initiatives to solve this dilemma. There are now a number of platforms that have been designed to cater to this unfair distribution of opportunities among the two sexes. One of them is the Blockchain Learning Group, an organization trying to educate the younger generations about blockchain and its applications by the incorporation of various workshops in schools. This is to ensure that younger be informed about the various use cases of blockchain technology and to help nourish any interests they might develop in the said technology. BLG has already worked with a couple of high schools and intend to expand all over the globe.

These high schools students are trained in the same way top ranking executives and engineer are who have had no experience in the field. The school students are provided basic knowledge of the technology that also involves programming skills and concepts so that they can start developing their own apps.

Their program does not only consist of extensive workshops but they also have also hosted a number of hackathon where the students can introduce the applications they have developed. A wide range of applications tending to many of the use case have been developed. BLG is trying to expand the system by incorporating more schools in this network but for now they are active in Canada and Australia. Most of the schools that have been recruited are all-girls high schools.

Due to this initiative a group of students from an Australian school were able to snag a prize by designing a dapp on the ethereum blockchain at the Smart Cities Hackathon that was held in Melbourne. BLG is not only enabling the student to learn about blockchain and its myriad of application but also to the teachers by introducing the lot to various accomplished designers and engineers from the field. The training program essentially equips the students to successfully develop a working application. One of the participant who had an amazing learning experience told,

Through the immersive hands-on experience Blockchain Learning Group provided me, I am now able to confidently construct my very own decentralized applications and program Solidity smart contracts with confidence. The workshops were extremely useful and only made me more excited about Blockchain technology and its potential.

Blockchain Learning Group is not the only organization trying to fill in the gaps in this arena, there are multiple other organization who are striving to create equal opportunities for men and women alike in the field of blockchain. The ones that deserve a mention are sha256 and Women in Blockchain. They conduct workshops and hackathon as well as conferences in which the accomplished professionals in the field of blockchain are invited to speak and motivate the younger minds. It is with the help of organization like these masses can be educated about this technology and they can further explore the field.

Habibah Shahid

A Computer Science student but a writer at heart. Habibah writes about Cryptocurrencies and the underlying technology, Blockchain, with the perspective of a Computer Scientist. Email: Contact the editor at editor.news@blockpublisher.com

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