Why Should Fin Have All The Fun?

By Fin, We Mean Finance

The blockchain technology has been doing wonders for the several sectors of the industries, however it still seen as something that is majorly reserved for the financial sector, probably because of its association with the Bitcoin. But today we ask why should financial services and payments have all the fun? And by fun we mean enjoying all the cool things that the future of technology has to offer.

There are no limitations to the blockchain tech that restrict to just the financial sector and a lot of companies have realized this over the course of time. And now we are in an era where different industries, from the gambling to cannabis to entertainment, etc are leveraging all that blockchain has to offer in order to find solutions to the problems that came with the traditional centralized system.

The gaming nerds all over the world are not far behind on this idea of blockchain tech, in fact certain veteran gamers and blockchain enthusiasts are working on solving the various problems that are faced by the gaming and e-sports community through it. Here are some projects that are putting significant efforts in order to improve the worldwide gaming industry.


The GameCredits ecosystem gives priority to developers and players over vendors, distributors and other middlemen. Through this model ecosystem and in the pursuit of becoming a universal gaming currency, the team behind GAME hopes to liberate the gaming landscape from uneven profit distribution and brining a more convenient gaming experience to players worldwide.


RevolutionVR is a super user-friendly VR platform, in the sense that it allows anyone, anywhere to create, share and actually play virtual reality games and live through the ultimate VR experience without writing a single line of code. How awesome is that? Because all gamers are not computer geeks #Saynotostereotypes.

Following their rebranding in the March of 2018 when it went from Voxelus to RevolutionVR, the platform focused more on all things blockchain, which includes cryptos as well. So the platform is developing their own cryptocurrency, which is powered by VR games and is accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world.


The virtual reality market, though at its infancy, is still pretty attractive. And that is why Decentraland too, is a VR platform and allows the users to purchase virtual land that is solely owned by the user as per the blockchain. It’s kind of like Farmville, only more real and you don’t have to worry about your strawberries dying down in four hours.

Anyway, coming back to the virtual land, individuals can actually make their very own virtual world or games or casinos, in order to monetize it via its native currency, MANA.


Spoiler alert, FirstBlood has nothing to do with actual blood…. or vampires. It is actually a decentralized e-sports reward and challenge platform that aims to prevent fraud, in addition to getting the fair prize money for the players as well as activity payments for the jury members, in a timely fashion. That is the beauty of blockchain and smart contracts.

Moreover, it provides e-sports players with the opportunity to, grow as a player, challenge other players and win rewards for based on the skills.


With an aim to give gamers and content creators a new model of virtual ownership, Enjin provides a decentralized platform for managing, distributing and trading virtual goods. The platform, only recently launched its native cryptocurrency, the Enjin coin, which an Ethereum based token and apparently is the first cryptocurrency with an authentic purpose for online gamers.


This is a blockchain spin on the whole fantasy football scene. DreamTeam is the first blockchain-based platform for esports gaming, recruitment and management. The platform helps gamers to find, connect, manage and ultimately earn through their very own e-sports team. Plus through the platform one can also manage to find teams, players, coaches, tournaments, managers, jury members etc. It is powered by its native digital token, the DreamTeam Token (DTT).



You will have to refer to the GameCredits again for this one, as MobileGo was specifically developed by GameCredits.Inc in order to bring e-sports to everyone. It is an Ethereum based ERC20 token, through which several peer-to-peer match plays along with decentralized tournaments will be arranged as worldwide competition.

It honestly feels like christmas for gamers!

Abeer Anwaar

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