Why Police Your Bitcoin? Should You Be Worried

Pretty much all text i came across online said keep your cryptos safe, gave an x amount of ways to keep it safe, a hundred things to do, a thousand things to check. It still did not make any sense that cryptos had to be protected, from what? And why. You too are likely to ignore the protection and move on to better things.

Hacking happens to big guns after all. You are way to genius to fall prey to scammers. You know your cryptos.

But, you can not know your cryptos if you do not know the following:

Here is why you need to be careful. The funds are irreversible and easily misplaced. There is a huge list of people and billions in cryptos that are locked out and called the lost bitcoins that are no longer usable because stupid people forgot their private keys, verification or logins. There is a bigger sum of bitcoins that is stolen or dirty, meaning it has been attacked by hackers, thieves and scam artists. It all belonged to people like you and me first, or miners who mined them with a great deal of sweat and blood invested.

You gotta be extra careful. The truth is that the currency has enough loopholes to be hated already, your or mine carelessness can further add to the collective hatred that this otherwise loved currency finds for itself. You are in control, despite all of these external threats. And it all really depends on:

What does your money mean to you?

Is it all you have got for assets? Keep it in paper wallets that are accessible offline. You think hardware wallets are not safe in your funk hostel, dorm or apartment? Switch to desktop ones. You love playing shady desktop games, switch to an online website one or move it to your tablet. Are you hearing us, if it means something to you and you choose to keep it, then play it the f*ck safe!

Avoid shady websites, games, chrome extensions, make sure you have no bugs on your computer, no spyware or malware. Make sure you do not spend it on shady websites with hideous web pages that are screaming silently to stop you from using them. Use reputable wallets that offer layers and layers of added protection. Not the new ones, the very well established ones.

Funky Shit Happens:

A security hole in the Parity Wallet resulted in losses of about $155 million, including in Ether and other tokens. This is not the only one, there have been 10,000 such cases in less than a decade. So be wise, stay safe! And, have fun with that!

Khunsha Javed

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