Why is Vitalik Buterin NON-GIVER of Ether?

Granted, the name Vitalik Buterin NON-giver of ether is rather an unusual name for the Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin, there have been a number of incidents that led the cryptomoghul to rename his twitter account to this. These incidents were hoaxes, which drove a number of greedy investors to send in their crypto coins in hopes of doubling or tripling the amount they wired to the mentioned accounts. The fake account operators used a simple technique to get people to offer their Ether in hopes of getting a larger sum.

The swindlers had apparently been using accounts carrying his name to make the offer appear legitimate, which it certainly wasn’t. The influence that the Ethereum creator had over the masses was profusely misused in this case which drove him to specifically mentioning in his account profile that he does not give away Ethereum in addition to renaming his profile name. He also tweeted,

Everyone loves free goods. Scammers know this and have always targeted victims who are weakened by this primitive instinct. Even though multiple cases of crypto related scams are reported everyday, some individuals fall prey to such fraudulent schemes. One fact that should be taken into account is that using the name of influential celebrities such as Vitalik Buterin’s, acted as a stroke of genius as many contributors solely fell for this hoax as it was published under the name of such a high profile celebrity. Upon receiving no Ether many of them took to twitter to express their grief in a sarcastic way.

To support this nefarious scam, many fake accounts posted that they did in fact get the promised amount. This inculcated trust in the feeble minds of greedy investors. Fortunately some people had the good sense to not trust the unofficial account. They were able to distinguish between the fake account and the real one and called out the scam by tweeting under the same thread.

Since then Vitalik also took the liberty to mention all his accounts on multiple other social media platforms. He, however was not the only celebrity who had been impersonated to carry out this fraudulent scheme. Among these were other renowned personalities such as Elon Musk, John McAfee and even the Pope! A sane person has to question what in the world does The Pope has to do with cryptocurrencies. Nevertheless, twitter has taken multiple action in order to subsidize the number of fake accounts of high profile celebs. Still one can only hope to remain safe from this sort of scams with a dash of common sense and a touch of practical judgement.

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