Why is the Generation Meh Obsessing Over Blockchain?

It is widely thought that because Millennials have nothing to fight about, they have lost their edge. What a sad thing to say. Millennials are also not very adventuresome, particularly quirky, exciting, or excitable.

They fight about rights, liberties, freedom of thought, speech and expression. They still scream out about the gender wage gap, still fight the ethnic battles their ancestors dreamed of fighting, still voice the opinions of unheard diasporas, still condemn the Palestine-Israel conflict, still debate whether there is right to die, still question every tiny structure of power and authority, still question and fight the gender wage gap and debate the colonial influences that have turned the world into a fat glob of inferiority complexes and underdeveloped countries.

But, still Millennials are known as the generation that is bored and is boring continuously forever. If rallies and global up rise on the idea of human life and who determines what is what, is not enough for you, then here is something that proves that Millennials are not the social media addicted, ever-so-bored, infinite scrolling freaks that people think they are. They are better than that. They are learning valuable lessons from the worlds very own dumb mistakes, they are leapfrogging their way to the top. And they are taking their third world counterparts with them in the struggle. Such that the whole world is set to succeed at a rapid speed. Flying too close to the sun, Icarus?

They like the ideas of cryptos and blockchain because they have a lot to prove. They need it. They are obsessed with blockchain systems because they know it is wonderful. It is the answer to their troubles of global poverty and hunger, illiteracy and low GDP’s, Low infant mortality rates and better medical provision and innovation.

They are actually interested in making lives (both theirs, and the coming generation’s) better, they are interested in a world of less hate, less economic divide and less race and color discriminatory mechanics. Is that bad? No. But, is it rare, yes. Less hate is what the world needs to grow.

They know that the promises are for the very long run. They might actualize when this generation is actually old or if science does not find a way to preserve the human body, then for beyond their age. But, they also know this will change what you and I think of the future, with the greatest subtlety.

If the bored but genius generation is obsessed with something, chances are rightly doing so. Shouldn’t we all support them and be a part of their silent game of expanding the global resource and giving equality a chance? Blockchain is democracy like never seen before, should we not let it carve its own way? So, let’s let Millennials do their thing and we do what we do best, love technology and wait for the good magic to happen.

* The author is herself a Millennial. She is in no way an expert on the subject. All of this is purely based on secondary research and general knowledge.

Khunsha Javed

A Filmmaker, PR enthusiast & Editor of BlockPublisher-Unfiltered. I like things that make my brain tingle. Email: khunsha@blockpublisher.com or editor.unfiltered@blockpublisher.com

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