Why Does It Feel So Right, Despite it All?

I can no longer endure the relentless beeping of the morning alarm. I muster up all my strength and sit up straight on my bed. As I get up, a subsequent bang echoed throughout my barely furnished apartment. Apparently, I had dozed off while working on a new piece for my blog. I have been living off this blog to entertain a limited number of viewers. In the past, I used to barely get by, however due to introduction of blockchain-based platforms, I am able to earn enough to pay bills and afford a decent apartment. I glanced over the hellish alarm clock and disabled it. The date 24 July 2029 keeps blinking on it and I struggle to remember what is on the daily agenda. Anxiety grips over me as I recall that I need to return the book I borrowed from the bookstore. It’s almost noon, so I hurriedly shower and get dressed and leave my room in a state of complete wreck.

I leap towards the kitchen and pour myself some cereal. As I shut down the cabinet, my roommate who had passed out on the sofa in front of his crypto mining TV wakes up in a distraught state. This poor sole has been at it for a while now, as hash rates have gone down to a minimum. Nevertheless, he remains hopeful that his genius and hard work will eventually pay off. We make small talk and I exit the apartment.

The bookshop is 3 miles away from my apartment. I need the exercise but considering its 1’ o clock, I decide to take the bus, at which point I realize that I have left my digital wallet at home. I run back to my apartment and retrieve the wallet. By the time I get back, the bus has already left. Fed up of my clumsiness, I write a note to myself. “Purchase new device that is a phone + crypto wallet.” My mobile phone is archaic because I have a thing for all things Antique. It is one of the reasons I go to the only bookshop in the state. E-books eliminated the need for them decades ago, but now that we have gotten rid of piracy, thanks to the distributed ledger tech, there is no need for writers to go through the hassle of getting a publisher to publish their books. They do not need to worry about splitting their profits either.

Another bus comes along after a while. I get into the bus, swipe my e-bus card, and sit on the seat by the window. I take out my very old, hand me down iPod and start listening to songs that were downloaded almost a decade ago. Listening to good music free of cost is not possible nowadays and I cannot afford purchasing new albums every day. Apparently, every artist thinks they are some sort of musical prodigy and needs to monetize their creation regardless of its quality. Just when my favorite song, comes up on the playlist, the bus stops. I get off the bus and walk to the store.

The bookstore is uncrowded as usual. It tells a tale of time long passed by. I move to the cash counter. The cashier asks me to produce an account number to charge me. I give him the details, and return the book. Just as I turn around to leave, I stumble into someone and his books fall down. I feel sorry for knocking his books down and help him pick up all the books. He says that he wants to thank me and I agree to get a cup of coffee with him. We walk to a bistro nearby. We start conversing about our mutual love for books and he asks me on a date. I agree to that. However, he mentions that we should not search for each other online because of the overhyped social media. That gets me thinking.

As I leave the bistro, I keep thinking whether the person I just met really cherishes real conversations or is he trying to hide something? Paranoia takes over. I have a strong urge to go back to the bookstore and check the borrower’s id list of the book, which he was holding, I caught a glimpse of and regretfully I act on it.  I track down his id on the chain that relieves me. At least he is not a blacklisted criminal, I think to myself. However, I can spot a mark on his profile. Horror strikes, as I realize that the icon represents carriers. His medical records must have synced up with his profile, which explains why he wanted to have a REAL conversation. I turn back to return to my home, wondering whether the decentralized chain has solved more problems than it has created.

Hassaan Malik

Co-founder of BlockPublisher, Hassaan is a technologist at heart with a keen interest in blockchain, cryptos and traditional financial markets. Email: hassaan@blockpublisher.com, hassaanmalek@gmail.com

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