Why Cryptos Work For Women More Than They Work For Men

*No, we do not believe in the gender binary, this oversimplification is only for the sake of explanation.

Let us stun you, women pay more for the debt they carry than men. Wow, is that fair? Think long and hard why is it like this? What? Are men better at paybacks?

NO. women, they don’t invest as much as men do, this is why.

Women fight for every crumb they earn, people still find it surprising when they spend $$$ on beauty and $$$$ on clothes. Men have biases about them, associated with them, women like any other gender have their own. Although ad nauseam and rigid wage gap has made it harder for women to meet day-to-day expenses, relative to men. Men do not spend as much, they save. This is because they can save. They have the extra cash at hand to. 

Nobody should have to be told that they are poor because it is their own fault, the world has functioned on this logical fallacy for so long that it hardly surprises us when the blame is put on the female for her status and inequity, may it be in domestic or professional sphere.

Women work part time, they are seen as part time or non serious workers because their triple shift widely known but rarely identified phenomenon.

Women can not save up and they have greater expenditures, lesser incomes and more debt factors. They do not save up for retirement, because they have nothing left by the end of the day. Their ability to pay back student loans is hindered, a recent study from the American Association of University Women suggested.

Conventional wisdom blames women for this gap, (of course it does).

But, its the contemporary means whose absence is doing this to women. It is cyclical. But, the cycle needs to break.

We receive outrageously patriarchal messages in jokes, pop culture, books, television and even on social media through vehicles like twitter and memes, that we (women) are not as good at math as men; we’re not as good at investing, we are not good at money.

However, studies tell a different story. Studies have found that once women do invest (after finding the pinching bracket to), they outperform men by nearly one percentage point a year. That is just in the traditional sphere. The story will be and has been very different (much better for the undermined sex) in the cryptosphere.

Women in various cultures have invested in Gold, silver and diamonds. Queens have ruled land and won over subjects of finance and banking. Somewhere down the history and through the colonial white male supremacy things got shagged and it left women in a dark spot worse than the pre-historic, pre-renaissance times.

But, now in the so-called contemporary times with campaigns like #Metoo have validated the need to be financially stable. This movement has highlighted the power of being financially stable. The importance of being loaded is clear now. Get-your-hand-off-my-leg loaded. Take this job and shove it in your ass father-fucker loaded. I live my best life and do the fuck i want loaded. I have as much money as the guys do loaded. Cryptos should tackle this unmet gap, because traditional banks muddle up in patriarchy, where as cryptos are for the enlightened ones!

And they know that the global population is in dire need of investment reforms and rehabs. Isn’t it?

So, why do cryptos work for women more than they work for men, because women are currently marginalized and they would be better off with a fair and decentralized system of banking and investment. While men, remain the same.

Khunsha Javed

A Filmmaker, PR enthusiast & Editor of BlockPublisher-Unfiltered. I like things that make my brain tingle. Email: khunsha@blockpublisher.com or editor.unfiltered@blockpublisher.com

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