Who Says Adoption is Not Happening? Affirms the CEO of Litecoin

John Kim, the chief executive officer for the Litecoin Foundation offers his part of the story shutting down the crypto haters that a crypto mass adoption is far from turning a reality. John sided with another comment over the very situation which TravelBit passed. TravelBit is an Australian based company offering aid in dealing with bitcoin and altcoins for businesses and ordinary users, which gave the enthusiasts a glimpse of a BBC coverage featuring crypto adoption. John Kim put the critics to sleep in a single statement which was more of a rhetorical question.

Who says adoption is not happening? Who says you can’t buy a cup of coffee with Litecoin? Watch this video. If you didn’t know now you know!

The chief executive officer of the Litecoin Foundation sticked with his statement with the BBC coverage backing his words like a sturdy shield. Crypto adoption has been a centre of attention for the major crypto personalities as now that we are headed to the direction where most of the crypto platforms are in full swings towards development. Now comes paving the way to another milestone that is to educate the masses and get the majority of people to come aboard the crypto fleet.

John cleared out his mind giving out the his side of the thoughts that people can now or will be able to perform payments via cryptocurrency from now on as more similar projects jump in. People can buy coffee and can conclude their most financial transactions.

Anthony Pompliano, the founder of the Morgan Creek Digital also has his words referring to the maturity level the cryptocurrency has reached which can hint to a massive crypto adoption. He compared the crypto to a massive financial juggernaut that is the Federal Reserve. Pompliano is of the view that the as long as critical level is under consideration, bitcoin is much more transparent than the entire Federal Reserve.

Bitcoin is more transparent than the Federal Reserve.

The chief executive officer of Shapeshift, Erik Vorhees also gave his remarks for the critics who foresee a crypto extinction regarding it as a mere hype of the decade.

Bear markets are for builders. The calm, the quiet, the disillusionment… while the fickle and fair-weather peer around with nervous insecurity, the builders become the market’s foundation, preparing the mortar and stone of tomorrow’s towers.

He pointed out that the mere plummeting of crypto must not be seen as a sign that crypto us embarking towards the end but as an opportunity for the genius minds to build up their names in the crypto market by pouring lesser cash in and getting much more at the ultimate culmination.

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