Where Do Blockchain Enthusiasts Go From Here?

We started out with Bitcoin and now the world of technology has become more blockchain focused. There has been a gradual shift towards blockchain’ discovering new use cases that has increased the importance of this technology in the eyes of the world. However the potential is still undiscovered which raises dubious questions regarding it’s future.

The blockchain phenomena really kicked off after Ethereum when Vitalik buterin decided to dive into it’s technological side and built a platform of decentralized apps – dApps. Crypto and blockchain has always been a part of one package however, blockchain just seems to offer more in comparison.

Predictions for 2019

Predictions often come from crypto analysts, enthusiasts and blockchain-based company owners. And we have gathered quite a few responses to know what the year 2019 might look like for blockchain-based companies/startups.

One is for sure that blockchain technology will be much more active this year if we were to compare it with last year. And this is something even founder of LD Capital, Lihua Yi also agrees with. He believes that the professional funds will improve and those that do not perform will be eliminated.

Furthermore, Rui Guo co-founder of Ultrain thinks that some of the market’s segments will merge with the blockchain industry, which is something that is already in motion. He also thinks that there will be an emergence of public and commercial chain. While the commercial ones solve the issue of scalability and decentralization, public chains will be adopted in numerous industries like gaming, financial industry, retail, logistics, energy, healthcare, etc.

Sunny Lu, VeChain founder, had a farsighted approach. He stated that the large-scale adoption of blockchain is inevitable and he thinks that it will integrate in pretty much every aspect of our lives.

While these were the dreamers, some kept their head on the ground. Chu Shuai, the founder of QTUM said that is is too early to vouch for mass adoption of this technology. He believes that there will be several breakthroughs by the end of this year but large-scale commercialization is unlikely to happen for now. We need to give blockchain at least three to five years.

Zheng Ren, board member of Consensus Labs had something rather interesting to say about our all-star Bitcoin. He thinks it will continue to fluctuate between $3,000 and $6,000, while dApps will thrive in the market.

Finally the crypto academics thought that 2019 will be a more research-oriented year for crypto while 2020 will be the when the research yields results and we will see it happen.

There seems to be a mix of opinion regarding the blockchain industry. What do you think will happen? Leave your 2019 blockchain predictions in the comment section below!


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