What’s So Funky About Ethereum: It is A Drug?!

Every time i read something amazing it seems like it has a lot to do with jokes. Jokes are a fun and smart way that according to legends and philosophy, the greeks invented to educate people by understanding their intellect and then taking it from there. In my opinion half of the articles i read online do not make sense or are not realistically applicable but more often than not their jokes do all the talking.

Satire in particular has done more good than harm in creating awareness on the idiosyncrasies of life, knowing the truth and the ugliness of the real life can be particularly complex and traumatizing, the joke method makes it easier and less painful.

So why not treat our readers today and let them have all the fun right? So you might not be laughing they way you laugh at your Reddit stories and cat memes, but you might end up with a light bulb in your brain for activation and a smile in your mind that makes you feel good about this too-out-there, wild, irritating beast of a concept.

Let’s begin with facts, Shall we?

Ethereum is a drug.

Not too long ago i came across this Reddit where i a user had posted a need to trade some Ethereum, a crypto currency widely popular for buying CryptoKitties and other cute cartoons on the blockchain of the same name through a Chrome or Safari extension called Metamask.

Well that is the most complicated simplification i might have used, but oh well, anyway. Ethereum is a cryptocurrency duh! The moderator knew little. Poor person, not many were well aware of cryptos about a year or two ago. (But not many try to become the moderators of sub-reddits then).

The moderator responded ‘We take the Reddiquette seriously. This is not a platform to sell drugs, users will be banned and reported right away.’

So apparently, Ethereum is a drug.. I mean, did people respond the same way to the internet when it first came out? ‘Internet Cafe’, a place to consume the latest drug on the market.’ How real would that be! Who knew it would actually become a drug. Ow! My thumb still hurts from the endless scrolling.

Anyway, perhaps dear Redditors, Ethereum will become a drug after all! No shame their!


You can buy cryptocollectibles on the open source blockchain. It is like just any other software, but more true and unfuckablewith than any other software ever, Hell, you can buy you some cute Axies and CryptoStrikers with them. Deccentraland – a virtual reality dream land is completely based on the software or blockchain of the Ether currency, HOW CAN PEOPLE NOT KNOW.

Sounds pretty dope right. Yeah, drugs are bad, not this one i guess.




I mean fine you can buy Pizza with bitcoin, in fact, for the first time ever my Dominos is extra wild and satisfying because i paid for it by bitcoin. But, buying digital pets and baseball cards cooler than Pokemon cards, that is something right, One word: DOPE!

Khunsha Javed

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