What’s Baking In The Gaming World

Has it occurred to you that developers are making prettier and deeper games to appeal to the youth, the mass and the individuals from around the globe. What makes graphics so important? Are they enough for people to get hooked?

Or is there a magic sauce that brings all the addiction, love and well, addiction. Game makers are smart and game making is a business more than it is a craft. So next time you are playing Fortnite and you wonder how great does that landscape look, then think again, would it look better if you had a few hits of the world’s smallest burrito weed stuffed thinly rolled pretty looking joint? Would it feel more satisfying if you were munching on a KFC bucket of hot wings? Do you play it with your friends right next to you? Don’t care who’s watching? You love looking for some trouble?

These are the small spots that game developers prey on and tingle when they are developing games, this helps them turn their happiest customers even more satisfied and pumped as they place the characters in movies, pop culture, YouTube channels playing their games. And it is not just games with 4.5 plus rating on Itunes, it is true for every game from Farmville, Candy Crush or Mafia Wars.

The problem with blockchain games is that while you are blazing you can not play them because you do not know of them yet. This is sad because some of these games, especially the ones like Decentraland meant for Virtual Reality Gaming, are extra ordinary. They have more magic sauce to offer than any other game providers.

There are whole universes that are developing plot lines, that you could literally call the best companions when on hash or weed because of their picturesque nature and intense life like plots.

MegaCryptoPolis City building strategy game for example. Blockchain games need to catch up because they offer a far more complete and satisfying package or experience than any other social media or desktop gaming options, they do not need the external ups and inception in the minds of people, they are good on their own. Imagine, what added love of fast food, best friends, weed, music and marathons could bring to that!

Although Angry Birds, Pro Evolution Soccer and Clash of Clans are streets ahead in terms of playability and success. But, they are still mediocre in terms of what they could have offered if they were on the blockchain.


Khunsha Javed

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