What TRON’s BitTorrent Adoption Strategy For It’s 1 Billion Users Means For The Two Platforms

TRON’s peer to peer decentralized platform BitTorrent has quickly become a huge deal globally and now as per a blog based announcement by the company they are set to revolutionize the way users interact with their products as they want to launch 3 new programs  that will increase the adoption of the BTT coin.

As per the announcement Founder of TRON and CEO of BitTorrent, Justin Sun said,

“With our three new incentive programs, we aim to bring a new audience into the blockchain community and make this powerful technology accessible within products that people are using every day. What we are building will benefit a 1 billion computer installed base, businesses and active TRON and BTT users.”

The main crux of the announcement was that the aim is to use the platform’s massive user base to incentive their decentralized currency in order to increase adoption. Although the initiative was only launched this January, it has already “Gained the support of nearly three dozen digital asset trading platforms and wallets.”

Prior to it’s take over by TRON, BitTorrent was already a popular decentralized peer to peer platform and according to TRON, there is a “great overlap between TRON and BitTorrent. P2P users have a profound understanding of distributed sharing, and it’s a remarkably similar technology that’s used at the core of the blockchain.”

While the company remained secretive with more details, they dd mention that an important part of the entire initiative is to ensure that the platform’s 100 million active users are educated more regarding blockchain technologies along with providing them better access to new updates and technologies for both platforms. But the announcement made it clear that the main objective was to catapult TRON as “a leader within the blockchain industry.”

What’s most interesting to witness here is how BitTorrent has already been at the forefront of this mighty crusade as it has been providing users with decentralized services long before TRON ever came into the picture, but now with the two platforms merged as one, not only can BitTorrent “gather feedback, enhance its protocol and let those new users enjoy the efficiency of its downloading services” but also allow users to earn “tokens by contributing to the ecosystem.”

BitTorrent is also aiming to achieve mass adoption by partnering up with exchanges and wallets that accept BTT. We look forward to more details regarding the initiative especially with respect to details about the incentive programs.


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