What makes Cryptocurrency Cryptic – ArchiMimic?

Julius Caesar’s history gives us the earliest use and discovery of a cipher known to the human history. Intriguing, right? Keep reading on, reader!

The Caesar Cipher was later found unhelpful in securing data and communication. Cryptography has become radically sophisticated since then. Of Course Duh! Thanks to cryptocurrencies, blockchain and what not. Okay pause right there reader. We want to take things super slow baby. This is a good way to get a tight grip on the stories of the past that have come to such great intricacy and intensity, the kind that technology has not felt before.

Ci- what?

A cipher allows any text to remain scramble for the eye of a general viewer, that the message is not intended for. The receiver may decode it using a key. In earlier times, the key could be an algorithm, a barrier grid animator, special inks or a special mechanic decipher.

SO, mi message only mi message not su message? Oh wow! I love this. It is just like SnapChat pictures with a timer, you can tell when somebody is fooling around with things meant for your eyes only.

So then, historically, it was used again. And again. And again!

Despite being a queen, Mary – queen of Scots had to use cryptography to securely communicate on how to kill Queen Elizabeth of England in the year 1586. Her own court remained an unsafe place and encryption was immensely helpful.

So she got caught, duh. But, today’s ciphers are much more complex, although they had to cover a long journey barefoot on glass, stones and scorching barren lands.

Why have people always loved it?

The purpose of encryption is to keep the message or data safe from any person it is not intended for. This is why the key and cipher are never kept together in an traditional encryption method, yet deciphering was easy and the methods refined over time.

Enigma and Turing! Had to be done? Meant to be?

In the world war II, the Germans developed Enigma. Not only was the great machine helping them win the war but an entire unit under Alan Turing was using great chunks of the little national resources onto decoding it. Decoding the Enigma would have meant that any attack that Germany was planning on doing, England would have known before hand, plan attacks and make preparations accordingly. Breaking down Enigma helped England win the war.

Alan Turing developed his own system called the Turing Machine, which remained helpful for a great chunk of the century. However the invention of computers made the machine redundant.

Today, it means a different universe?

Today, cryptography is most common source of computer security for system architects. It has not only become phenomenally intricate, but also branched out in various types and kinds.

Some of the very ordinary and some of the greatest technologies depend on asymmetric encryption. These include emails, websites, digital signatures and the creation of cryptocurrencies.

The lock is applied so that the access can only be obtained by those verified to use. The key can be of two kinds. One is that of an owner, this is a private key and gives the owner the access to the contents he or she owns. While the other is a public key, this key allows viewers to watch but they can not really command any actions.

This is synonymous to a private concert where spectators are allowed to watch but from outside of a glass wall. Whatever the performers are told to do, they may do it under the directive of the private guests. While the public may only clap, admire or steer the performance in a direction through excessive commenting and critiquing.

We urge you to mention which one do you like better? Would you go back in time to live in a different age?

No way. We wouldn’t. We heart cryptos way too much. Don’t know about the rest, i do a lot at least.

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