What is SPINDLE, A Threat To Bitcoin? Or A Tinder For Cryptos?

We were all of the view that the world has 1800+ cryptos and tokens in place until we were taken aback by shock and awe, that the total number of cryptocurrencies passed 2,000. This year was a great year for exponential growth, development and the coming of age parties for several crypto startups and tools. The cryptos altogether go on to representing a total market cap of nearly $200 billion, according to Investing.com.

The makers of a tool from these insane amounts of ICO’s, tokens and coins, SPINDLE, are a great success story. We all love Tinder. We all hate Tinder. We hate Tinder because of the crappy dates, Dickpic fiascos, and ghost dates. While we love it because it is a good time killer and helps builds some good to mediocre networks, better than nothing.

Tinder is replaceable by blockchain. In fact, there are a crazy amount of startups that are looking into it, like LoveBlock, Luna, Viola.AI, and several others. But, SPINDLE is a stand-alone champion. SPINDLE (SPD) was launched in 2017 as both a cryptocurrency and an asset management platform dedicated to transparency through the use of blockchain technology. Love for the investor and seller. How Adorable!

Its initial coin offering, about $100 million worth of funds were raised, making it one of the biggest ICOs ever in Japan.

After the ever so sad, ever so famous 2008 collapse of the investment bank Lehman Brothers, which resulted in the biggest bankruptcy in U.S. history, people were dismantled worldwide. This called for newer measures that would help in preventing such fuss from happening again, saving the world from some major epidemic.

This was quite the Bitcoin’s rationale and positioning. Good timing perhaps? The Lehman shock and the Great Recession erased billions of dollars worth of investments and affected countless people around the world. The breakdown in trust between investors and the bankers who were responsible for investment vehicles, such as assets based on subprime mortgages, had to be cured in a fashion that no other crises can form, the alternative mode presented to us Bitcoin. And then six years later other cryptos began to pour into the ecosystem. With newer ones every day. The number has expanded from 2 to 2000, in only three freaking good years!

According to its makers:

As a longtime fan of alternative music, and a musician myself, it also appealed to my punk sensibility. I really thought that Bitcoin could be a disruptor in the financial industry, and I felt that was just wonderful.

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