What Is Giving You That Crypto Anxiety, We Know Ethereum Isn’t

Has anything ever bothered you so much that you can not stop trying-to-think-less-hard about it? Yes, it is possible that something in your brain is a little fused up and you need some unknotting. It is 2019, a new year is here, people are celebrating worldwide, and here you are, worrying about your future years and what would they look like? Aren’t you the little brainy one!

We had a little trouble at the office where a person was losing their sh*t thinking if cryptos are really that good at all or not, the obsession was real. There was no answer but to wait, wait is a fickle hoe, we all know that. But, haste makes waste and the brain sometimes does not understand.

Some people look for quantifiable answers. They look for yes or no, they look for if, yes,  how and when. They do not want to know the if’s and buts and the perhaps also, and the maybe’s. They simply do not understand the world when it is not in numbers, labels, stamps, and values.

But, its okay if you are that type. It is cool in fact. Nothing is better than the peace of mind that values can give to us, numbers show patterns and patterns are good for the brain, but not all brains understand them because not all tabula rasas are filled alike.

So if you are the first type, you probably want to know whether cryptos are ever going to be a stable investment, the answer to that is yes, they are. When? Soon, as soon as the artificial intelligence’s technological singularity spreads and artificial intelligence learns how to be better at bettering itself, oh how the human race could never do it despite fancy degrees and sh*t loads of books.

If you are the latter kind, well then my friend, you should know that your anxiety is justified and legit more than anything. You are in the right itchy space, the purpose of life, oh, oops, the crypto drama will be resolved when the global attitude towards economic and social freedoms changes, and that is a very long shot, just imagine all the countries that still debate on whether there should be privatized businesses or not, imagine that! WHAT ARE WE STILL IN 1677? Anyway.

Life is hard, technology and the love for technology makes it better, it is ought to, but trolls, damn these trolls, they make it a very uncomfortable experience. Ever seen a video of a person cursing an iPhone? Yes, they exist, people are dumber than ever and they are more annoying than humanity has ever been and congratulations, this is 2019, and cryptos and their legitimacy is still questioned!

Khunsha Javed

A Filmmaker, PR enthusiast & Editor of BlockPublisher-Unfiltered. I like things that make my brain tingle. Email: khunsha@blockpublisher.com or editor.unfiltered@blockpublisher.com

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