What Is Causing All The Drama In Tech?

Permission less innovation

This phrase is all the buzz this year. Yes, it is absolutely true and the ways it affects you is so unreal. You can do cool things without needing your boss or coworkers to tell you that it can or cannot be done. While we know innovation really happens at Google HQ, Silicon Valley and other innovation Jacuzzis, what good is it if it is still all the same as the previous things. The world is moving on to a ten-generation ahead technological advancement while we are stuck at gawking a ten-gen old item that keeps updating each year. All the PR and marketing drives us crazy, as we still need to ask before we can do anything creative.

Traditional means allow us to innovate, but only on mediocre levels. And what good is it if it still needs to get tons and tonnes of validations and approvals before it can be researched or developed.

Blockchain based ideas can work with a one person or two people army too, you need no permission to access the technological back end, and there are no limitations as to what you can and can not do with it. No structural forces telling you no baby not now or not yet. Imagine what this means for creative freedom. You can do what you like, how you like it and when you want it. It is all up to you and your expertise.

The only problem is that all of this is a little too scandalous, actually, made scandalous so people could sell their books, shows and television advertisement. The heat around it is so much that not only conspiracies have mushroomed but also people are turning into serious skeptic-fanatics around the whole tech buzz of cryptos and blockchain.

Change Phobia and Democracy

This is the kind of phobic behavior and attitude that we are looking to change. No good has fear done to humankind in history, none would it do now. People need to be free. Tech needs to be democratic. If democracy is bad then maybe this could be bad. But it is important to first understand what democracy is.

Democracy means freedom to choose, speak and think. The freedom to choose means the freedom to select rulers, biases and sometimes rights and legality. If big corporations are telling us what to adopt as information and what not to, then we are not in democratic realms of knowledge. If people are given only preset and pre-selected biases, then their choices are not well informed and are not a true choice anyway.

Profits, Profits, Profits – But, fair

For creators and developers things are changing. Things have changed for future visionaries and thinkers. Things will change for the people of future eventually. Blockchain based technologies are actually much more complex in terms of values, ideas and principles. This is something that has always been missing in businesses. This aspect can make businesses better and richer obviously, for example Vegan ice cream vendors, Halal meat vendors and Cruelty Free makeup and skincare producers already know the benefits of value addition that being well-grounded in their business morals and principles gives them. This can be realistically verified and always hold truth if these businesses are to adopt blockchain tech. This mechanism can help them sustain a well reputed image and true values and thence, customer support and profit earnings.

The world needs more truth, that will then remove all growth barriers and lead it into newer heights, higher spending, global economic prosperity and newer ideas. The future is not dystopic. It is crazy good. Just like the Jetsons used to be.

Khunsha Javed

A Filmmaker, PR enthusiast & Editor of BlockPublisher-Unfiltered. I like things that make my brain tingle. Email: khunsha@blockpublisher.com or editor.unfiltered@blockpublisher.com

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