What is Blockchain Doing To Gamers?

The lines between reality and fiction have been blurring ever since the world was gifted the concept of Disneyland. Pop culture changed forever as people began to pay for the surreal. To get a feeling going on in your system you would be willing to spend $$$$, who knew. The heart is a fickle thing after all.

Social anthropology tells us that ideas and perception of reality is being shaped by media agencies of socialization. There is a great deal of coherence in these societies, this means that media organisations are becoming more and more similar, telling people the same things, having the same impact, engaging the same response and sending the same messages. This is true because we see The God Father as a movie, a game, a Halloween theme, as characters, as book. The inter-texuality has remained a curse and a cure for people.

Disney also introduced for the first time merchandising on a massive scale. The merchandising was supported by several authorized and unauthorized sellers and re-sellers to build around it  smaller support economies. The extra has been conveniently dumped in to the poorer nations, whilst the top notch run out each time like hot cakes.

This was a curse because the world became a Simulacrum of the same ideas. The same ideas of a princess, fairytale, prince charming and beauty have been repackaged and given to people to suck up for an unlimited amount of years. Seldom do we see new things. There is a lack of originality and a lack of fun.

This was also a curse because this meant that the bigger organizations that have the resources to afford to move in this manner and those who can run this industry become stronger, leaving the smaller yet innovative ones behind. The markets for Elsa’s Frocks become saturated where as a smaller comic cartoon and its fan following dropped to nil.

The greater issue is also that the public is manipulated in a fashion that the people are showed ideals. This acts as a drug for them to watch, harbor self hate and self disgust and watch more and be addicted. This is horrifying for any young anthropologist. They know what is going on.

The problem deepens when pressure groups, active organizations and people question the basis of the stereotypes, the cultural biases and the shame that these texts generate among people, as these companies do nothing but even more fat shaming, cultural appropriation and LGBTQIAPK stereotyping.

People are given what they secretly do not want. They take it because they have the same choices, nothing from an else-world place. They are helpless. They can quit but not reinvent. This is all true because of the large and hard rock solid structures that rule our society.

But technology is now giving the power back to the people. The scope of this is unlimited. This is a fresh off the boat concept. It is gaining attention. But any gamer, cartoon lover, music lover or even tech enthusiast must not die of the human robots produced, un-creative biases.

The idea here is that we do not need to suffer from this plague of alienistic recreation of the same ideas. Once decentralized, anybody can do anything and we will not get bored again. The value addition to the industry of pop culture will be enormous. All associated economies of Hollywood, cartoons, television, gaming and so on, will be disrupted like never before.

Khunsha Javed

A Filmmaker, PR enthusiast & Editor of BlockPublisher-Unfiltered. I like things that make my brain tingle. Email: khunsha@blockpublisher.com or editor.unfiltered@blockpublisher.com

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