What is Better Than Bitcoin on Blockchain? Cannabis!

Cannabis and cryptocurrency are excitingly and intoxicating emerging industries in the modern times of today. They have become a constant topic of discussion in the national, state and local levels of the media and politics.

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The blockchain is actually where the true value of cannabis lies. The supply chain are truly very desperate for the blockchain technology and you will know why. Basically seed-to-sale tracking is extremely important and mandatory, every state has different requirements and different set system for records. This is how cannabis will get legal everywhere because once the blockchain technology determines the cannabis is falling into the right hands, the acceptability rate will drastically boom more than ever. We’re waiting for this to happen man!

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The cannabis supply chain can be disruoted in the blink of an eye by the blockchain technology if only they play their cards right!

Blockchain has the Power

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The blockchain supply chain can actually save the day because it has the power to do so! If you’re wondering how? We will get into the details just for you. The seed-to-sale tracking in the cannabis industry can be easily resolved with this awesome technology.

Basically,right now in each state that has legalized medical and recreastion cannabosis that one inventory tracking system becomes the state’s official record. It isn’t as easy as it sounds buddy! Every single product has to be tagged as plants, seeds, extracted, harvested and more. Guess what? Even the patient is tracked too!

The Great Idea

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What’s the point? If you’re wondering. Literally everything that can be possibly scanned and traced is for the state. It will make it possible to see the full journey of all products from the moment they are being panted and brought to the end user. Do you see how seriously the state is about it?

We can’t blame the authorities though. Legalizing a drug which has been banned for several years and how the drug lords run their world on it. It’s completely understandable. We’re just happy it’s legal baby! Not everywhere, but somewhere. It’ll be not long it’s legalization will be everywhere. Only if the blockchain technology is rightly used.

The One and Only Problem for the Pot Blockchain Adoption

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The problem is, we’re just talking about how it could really happen. We’re talking in the air! The truth is each state has its own contracts in place with a specific service provider. To really help the cannabis industry you’ll need to finger on the pulse on when will the federal legistlators are truly willing to decriminalize it.

Let’s get real! Throwing a pot leaf symbol on a crypto doesn’t mean sh*t! Until its legalized for good. Right now, every cannabis entrepreneur is up to the ears of the state pitching their business ideas. No one will win, until and unless you can legitimately resolve the authorities concern with the industry!

There’s only Hempcoin which truly understand the power of the blockchain supply technology and is truly focused on the using it. That’s where everyone interested in the cannabis enthusiast should be working on.

How long do you think its going to take fr the cannabis industry to be completely legalized? Do you think the blockchain supply could be the answer to all our prayers? We would like to know and if you have an brilliant ideas comment below! We’re counting on you.

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