What In F*ck Is The Flippening?

What is it?

There will be a moment in history where all that we know and all that we believe will be toppled upside down. It won’t be pleasant for a lot of people. It won’t be welcomed by huge cults. People will lose money, heart and tears over this event. The event will be called The Flippening

What does it mean?

Everything will change because two of the biggest markets that the internet today knows, two of the most sacred advents in the history of tech and the internet will be in a battle and the latter will win leaving all fans and lovers of the loser heartbroken and in shock.

The battle will be for the title of the biggest cryptocurrency and the winner will be Ethereum.

Surprised? Not us. So many people who call themselves crypto enthusiast do not even know what Ethereum is. Well that is shocking for us. But we can not blame them, bitcoin is undoubtedly seen as the original crypto. The first crypto to surface the face of earth and to dawn upon all of us was bitcoin. It has been the market dominator and more like a big brand since. The branding that it enjoys is unlike anything, people hate it, love it, governments when initially learn about cryptos they learn about bitcoin and people alike know it to represent the whole 1800+ coins and token family.

Ethereum was the second blockchain and cryptocurrency that surfaced. It gained popularity in the enthusiasts and tech-prenuers and it has become huge since. The first crypto currency paved the way for it. Creating a need and room for a better currency, a better blockchain and a new platform that can do more things than bitcoin could have.

Ethereum is still lesser known. Although it is faster, bigger, uncapped and unruly. The currency and blockchain redefined what this tech could do for us. And that changed everything. This was done by the help and incorporation of the idea of Smart Contracts into the system. These are automated promises that eliminate the problem of digital deceit, identity fraud and so many other problems and crimes that we are used to facing over the internet, like as if, it were an internet tax that we all pay.

Whenever it happens, people just know that it will. It is bound to happen, because bitcoin may be the original one, but the knock off does better things for its users.

Khunsha Javed

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