What Happens in Metaverse, Stays in Metaverse!

We think too much about what we can add to our homes, wardrobes and careers. We think too little about what we can add to the world. Adding to the world is becoming more and more rewarding with the development of blockchain tech. Now, we can add, monetize and spread the benefits to all. It is a good world.

Ethereum’s Decentraland, it’s genesis city is yet another virtual reality world. The only difference is that it is the best hyper reality simulation. It is real, way too real. The money earned = real money. The assets made = truly created. The friends made = actual people, not bots.

The best thing about this better yet virtual land of the users is that it is based on a free-source working, the information is stored onto the blockchain, it is hack proof thus safe and decentralized thus user-owned. It is run on smart contracts, this leads to it being an almost human less company.

Anybody can pitch in, anybody can make money out of it, anybody can gain popularity and features in magazines for it. It is a people-powered network.

The website invites:

Create, manage, and test your scenes before sharing them with the world.

Decentraland scenes require lots of moving parts, so they allow a great deal of help and documentation to assist makers to get up to speed. There is a whole big chunk of tutorials and examples to explain all of the tools and techniques help users in using the most of their land. This VR allows people to build tallest buildings ever. No limits.

Then Genesis city has partners at Etheremon and Qwellcode. These people are actively building some of the first crypto games to be featured the in-city platform. There is an overlap between WebVR and the Ethereum blockchain in the project whereby Decentraland creates opportunities for social, immersive, and interactive experiences. What is land of any use if not shareable on social media.

The land is not for the non-serious. It is the hub of some mean-ass buyers. Resellers have been able to get as much as $30,000 for a Genesis City plot. And this is only about to increase because of the scarcity factor. The record is $200,000. This was sold by a lucky-a** user who had very recently bought the same plot for $13,000. That is some good as fortune they’ve got!

Cash me ousside, How Bout That!

The city will also experience a great deal of inflation after it is saturated. This will make all of the services and goods in there become more and more development. It is going well, however, it is all relying on speculation and guesswork. It really depends on whether it gets mass adoption and popularity and if it can be bought at all (all of it) or nay.

Tell us, a home in the Genesis City? Best vertical city? Have you taken a tour? Do you know any better? LET US KNOW WHAT YOU FEEL! You are the future! Cheerios!

Khunsha Javed

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